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The organizer of  the Free Speech Round II rally on Friday night has “taken cover during a verbal firefight” because Muslims have threatened to behead him, placing his family in jeopardy.  The New York Daily News and other  liberal media seem to have no sympathy because of the way they have spun the words. Though the liberal press is saying he is in “hiding,” he reminds them that Marines don’t run.

Jon Ritzheimer may have to sell his home due to Muslims calling for “lone wolves to behead him.” He has been concerned about the safety of his family since  threats started coming in when he started the Facebook campaign to bring protesters to the Phoenix Islamic Center on May 29.

“I have been pushing this as a Pro Freedom of Speech Rally from the start. The media is the only ones who called it an Anti Islam Rally. There are lots of interviews with me pushing that point and saying I support their right to peacefully practice their religion. It’s when it pour[s] out of their house of worship and into the streets and starts to oppress American citizens that I am bound by my oath to draw the line and say enough is enough. The Mosque where multiple terrorist[s ] have come from needs to be held accountable. Something is being taught in there that is turning so called peaceful Muslims into Extremist[s].” Jon Ritzheimer

The barrage of hate has been an example of what he calls “tyranny right here in America.” But it’s partly the media fueling that tyranny. Political correctness is simply a denial of the truth – and it has stripped Americans of our Freedom of Speech.

free speech

The police line separating the two sides during the Free Speech Rally on May 29. ABC photo

“Armed Anti-Muslim Protesters”

A New York Daily News article is entitled, “Tyranny is in America’: Anti-Muslim armed rally organizer says he’s headed into hiding after getting death threats.” The article reminds people that the rally had people carrying “assault rifles,” and wearing “fatigues.” As if those items should tell  people that our military veterans and anyone with them are dangerous and scary.  It’s a perception the media is fond of spreading.

An AR rifle is an “Arma Lite” rifle, and not an assault rifle – but the media, even Fox News, can’t figure it out. And none of them could tell the difference between an AR platform and  Merlin’s magic wand even if they wanted to.

“Assault Rifle” sounds so…ominous. Too bad it’s an incorrect term.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Inside the article, the reporter mentions “hate speech.” Why is right wing speech labelled hate, but when Muslims threaten to behead a US Marine, that’s not considered “hate speech?” Why is it ok to  send people out to kill those who draw cartoons? Who are the real haters here?

At the end of the NY Daily News article the reporter says it was a peaceful rally. WAIT! Could the fact that those who came for the Ritzheimer side were armed have anything to do with it being peaceful? Things that make you go hmmm.

Perceptions of evil

The media seems to love to promote the perception that Conservatives of any kind- military or civilian- are evil. The best way to do that is twist the words and pictures ever so slightly. Make sure the rally was reported as “anti-Muslim.” Make sure to show lots of “love not hate” signs.  Be sure you carefully tell the world that there was ‘hate’ on one side and ‘love’ on the other.

Rick Scuteri from the Associated Press took a photo of Jon shaking the hand of Muhammad Alrokh, a Muslim board member from the mosque. Though we could not use it here, he couldn’t have taken that photo if Jon was the “dangerous” rally organizer that the media portrayed.

America has descended into a Black Hole. When one man has to go into hiding just because he stood up against people who would rather kill over drawings than laugh, we are in serious trouble. He is correct, that is “Tyranny in America.”

A GoFundMe account was set up for him, but the company took it down after 6 hours  when it had over $1000 in it. Ritzheimer has not received any of that money as of this writing.

“I just want our first amendment better protected so my children can some day draw a cartoon and not have to worry about offending someone to the point that they fear for their life in this country.” 

Semper Fi, Jon, be safe and thank you for the fight.

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