Free speech? Oh honey, Greece ain’t America.

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Today in the lovely-Politically Correct-Greek state, free speech received one more major blow. A journalist by the name Stefanos Chios, was arrested by police officers in civilian attire (the Greek equivalent of Feds) and was taken to the central police station of Athens.

This arrest came after Stefanos, who is the chief editor of a newspaper with nationwide reach, in an article exposed some inside dealings and dirty business between the government and businessmen who recently acquired licenses that allow them to own TV networks.

You see in this lovely country, under the current administration, all TV networks- except those owned by the government-will be shut down and one needs to get a permission from the government if they wish to continue broadcasting.

Stefanos Chios-Στέφανος Χίος

As one may understand, this article-if proven to be true-is a legitimate proof that we are living under a leftist dictatorship and the government makes deals behind closed doors in order to secure that all the information will be controlled by the state. The journalist who was arrested is more or less the Greek equivalent of Alex Jones.
He is controversial, an unapologetic patriot, extremely passionate (to the point of paranoia sometimes), sometimes vulgar and always willing to sacrifice everything to expose the truth. Since he was kicked out of a channel in which he hosted a very popular show, he began his own network via internet.

Most likely since free speech isn’t exactly a thing here, he was arrested on grounds of ‘defamation’ but also what happened today is significant for one more reason. The message is clear: you may not be part of our controlled media but if you are not compliant with what the governmental narrative is, you will be arrested and prosecuted.freedom-of-the-press-communism

Now that America is on the verge of selling the internet, prepare for such actions to start taking place as well and I wouldn’t be shocked if Infowars and Alex Jones (though one may disagree with many of his views and his stance on some issues, I myself completely disagree with both Alex and the previously mentioned Stefanos on quite a few issues) were on the top of the list. If not arrested, then banned from the internet. These are some really dark times that we live in.



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