France- Man Claiming Allegiance to ISIS Kills Three, Takes Hostages, Shot Dead by Police

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In Carcassonne, France, a man attempted to ram police officers who were out jogging on Friday, and shot at them, injuring one. The vehicle had been carjacked after killing the driver and injuring a passenger. Then the suspect drove to Trebe, where he holed up in a Super U grocery market, and took hostages. There he killed two people, and injured 12 more, including a police officer. The man claimed allegiance to ISIS, shouted” allahu akbar,” and demanded the release of Salah Abdeslam, the reported ‘mastermind’ of the Paris Attacks in 2015.

UPDATE: Lt Col Arnaud Beltrame, the officer who  exchanged himself for a female hostage, has died from his wounds. He is a hero. It brings the death toll to 4.

One police officer that was shot while jogging was hit in the shoulder, but the injury is not considered life-threatening.

Hostage situation at Grocery store

Another police officer swapped himself for a hostage and left his phone line open on the desk so that officers could monitor the situation. According to news reports, he shot the gunman when he entered the grocery store. Police then stormed in when they heard gunshots. The gunman was killed, and the police officer seriously wounded.

The suspect was identified as Redouane Lakdim, 26. The Moroccan national was reportedly radicalized, and police had him under surveillance. He had a criminal record for theft and drugs, according to the Chicago Tribune.

So let’s think about this for a minute. France has rigid gun control. Where are these jihadis getting their guns? Does a jihadi network ring a bell?

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