France Bastille Day Attack- Terror or Criminal?

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On July 14, Bastille Day,  three different explosions rocked a chemical plant  in Marseilles, France.  The incident was just 12 miles away from the location of a major theft of explosives from a French Army Depot from last week. Authorities say that the explosions were deliberate.  But for some reason, Breitbart reports that none of the English-speaking papers picked up the story. And the French government is loathe to call it terrorism.

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France Tank Fire- AFP photo by Boris Horvat

Bastille Day explosions

The explosions occurred on Tuesday morning  at three chemical plants, and burned two large petrochemical tanks which stood slightly over a half mile apart. The third device exploded on another tank but failed set it ablaze. The French government’s narrative:

“Everything is possible… This can be a revenge related to an industrial dispute, or a dismissal. It could be a competitor wishing to destabilize [NY Stock Exchange listed plant owner] LyondellBasell. It could be a neighbour tired of the smell and pollution of the site. Or activists wanting to prove that Seveso sites are poorly protected. It’s very open and, for the moment, we have little evidence because everything is charred.”

RT reported that Bastille Day 2015 was a high terror alert day. 11,200 French law enforcement and military patrolled the streets of Paris, with snipers positioned on the rooftops during the nation’s military parade. Around 500 protesters in one group alone showed up for the parade, rioting and throwing Molotov cocktails at police…torching cars and creating havoc. Around 200 arrests were made. A convenient distraction.

Theft of explosives just a few miles away

The explosives theft last week just 12 miles away saw 40 grenades, 200 detonators, and an unspecified quantity of plastic explosives taken from the poorly guarded weapons depot. With this attack, police have found the remains of a detonator, and access holes cut into the fences around the tanks. Authorities say that means the explosions were likely not an inside job.

So what is it? Terrorism or Disgruntled neighbor?

All right, let’s think about that government statement. On June 26, 2015, a French Muslim named Yassin Salhi decapitated his boss and pegged his head on the gate of a Seveso (Chemical ) factory.

One of the tanks contained Naphtha, an extremely flammable oil that is full of hydrocarbons. Officials said that the fires burned away thousands of gallons of oil. It took 50 fire engines most of the day to quell the flames.

Seveso is a classification of chemical plants across Europe that the governments feel are sensitive based on the threat level.

But it probably wasn’t “terrorism.” It was probably just a disgruntled neighbor who didn’t like the smell of the chemicals, right?


  • Kenny Swede

    It shouldn't b possible to steal this kind of stuff from an army depot, unless u do it with a bang. No guards? No fence? No Security?? Wtf!!

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