Four Terrorists Tied to ISIS Arrested in Nicaragua- Were on the Way to US

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Four terrorists, two from Egypt and two from Iraq that are suspected of ties to ISIS were arrested in Nicaragua on Tuesday at around 10 a.m.. All four were on their way to the US. They entered Nicaragua illegally via an unmarked border crossing in Costa Rica.

The Egyptians were named as Mohamed Ibrahim, 33, and Mahmoud Samy Eissa, 26, while the Iraqis were Ahmed Ghanim Mohamed Al Jubury, 41 and Mustafa Ali Mohamed Yaoob, 29 …

… The three men who featured in the HSI alert were registered in Costa Rica on June 9, according to the Nicaraguan statement. That date matched the information as the HSI statement.
The fourth suspect, Mohamed Yaoob, was registered in Costa Rica on June 13, the statement said.


The US HSI (Homeland Security Investigations) issued a warning that listed three of the men who had recently come to Central America. Mexican authorities stated they were aware of the alert and were looking for them. Nicaragua captured them, and after investigating, deported them to Costa Rica.

The Nicaraguan Army arrested four alleged terrorists of the Islamic State (IS). Three of them correspond to the subjects that Costa Rica reported being in Nicaragua, after passing through the Costa Rican immigration controls.

The ISIS terrorists entered illegally from Costa Rica, through the unmarked border crossing, known as La Guasimada, in the municipality of Cárdenas, department of Rivas.

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Reuters reported that the men were handed over to Costa Rica immigration authorities at around 7 p.m. on Tuesday. Costa Rica does have a detention policy, usually for only 24 hours. The men were registered there, but it is unclear what the next step will be, whether they try to claim asylum or be deported back to the Middle East.

The following video from La Prensa is in Spanish:

Featured photo via La Prensa screenshot. No picture was available for Yaoob.

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