Four Teens Shot, 9 total Injured, at Vallejo House Party

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California – A Vallejo house party turned into a nightmare around midnight on Sunday, as 4 teenagers were shot in a drive-by shooting. Five others received injuries.  One teenager was trampled in the ensuing panic. All of the victims are reportedly in stable condition.

The party started to dwindle down just after midnight, with about 50 teenagers standing on the sidewalk by the residence. A brown sedan drove by and a masked shooter opened fire on the crowd. The vehicle reportedly had two occupants.

Six ambulances were requested for the incident.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported,

“The shooting injured nine teenagers — eight shot and one trampled by the frantic crowd. It was reported just after midnight in North Vallejo in the 100 block of Calhoun Street near Benson Avenue, said Lt. Kevin Bartlett, a spokesman for the Vallejo Police Department.

Though at least two people were in critical condition after the shooting, all the victims, the youngest only 13, were stable by Sunday afternoon and expected to survive, Bartlett said.

One was shot in the torso, and another sustained a graze wound to a shoulder, he said. Others had femurs broken by bullets.”

Police have not stated whether it was a gang-related shooting, but it fits the modus operandi.

The incident reveals one extremely important fact: if criminals want guns, they can easily get guns. They do not care about gun control laws, nor do they care about the lives of people around them. California gun laws only control law abiding citizens, not the criminal element.

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