Fort Phoenix and the Rare Pokemon

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Fairhaven, Massachusetts – Fort Phoenix is a Revolutionary Era Fort on the coast of Massachusetts that was destroyed by the British in 1778 and later rebuilt. But it appears that it’s being destroyed once again by Pokemon Go players because it is reportedly the home of a “rare Pokemon.”

The Fort stands on a cliff overlooking Buzzards Bay on the east side of New Bedford Harbor in Massachusetts. It is close to the Rhode Island State line. It apparently houses a very “rare” Pokemon.

Help me here. Isn’t ‘Pokemon Go’ a GAME? You know, fictitious, as in not real, fake with cartoony looking characters? According to the caretakers at Fort Phoenix, players have been damaging the site of the first Naval Battle of the Revolutionary War.

fort Phoenix

Just a smattering of the hundreds of Pokemon Players that show up every night at Fort Phoenix – photo credit:

Leaving a mess behind

WLNE/ABC6 reported,

Since the launch of Pokemon GO, the Fort Phoenix has drawn in hundreds of players every day of the week. All walks of life using the app, glued to their phones.

“There’s just a lot of Pokemon here,” one player explained.

“It’s pretty fun coming here. You see a lot of people all playing the same game,” said another Pokemon GO player.

It may be fun for those playing, but it’s been causing a problem for Gary Lavalette, a volunteer caretaker at the historical site.

“This fort was never designed for this type of activity,” Lavalette explained.

He told ABC6 News that people have been leaving piles of trash behind, vandalizing the site, going to the bathroom on the site because public restrooms close at 5 p.m., and some even digging for buried treasure, because he says they do not understand the site’s history.

“We’re filling up a 30-yard dumpster in four days (…) we had a thirty foot stone wall that someone literally took apart with a crow bar,” he said.  “In some parts of the fort it looks like a mine field.

Tired residents

According to local residents of Fairhaven, they are hoping the Pokemon craze subsides so they can get back to their normal lives.

“They are there every day all day.  It’s like listening to the same song on the radio over and over again.  It may be a good song but eventually one tires of hearing it.  The town folk are tired of Pokemon players occupying the beach area.”

Having fun is one thing. Being oblivious to creating havoc is quite another. Especially since there is no such thing as a “Pokemon.” It’s not real. Have your fun, but keep in mind  that you shouldn’t be destroying property or trespassing to do it.

 fort phoenix

Fort Phoenix, at Fairhaven, MA – photo via

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