Former Officer Who Shot Justine Damond Convicted of Murder, Manslaughter

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Mohamed Noor, the former Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot Justine Damond in 2017, has been convicted of Third Degree Murder and Second Degree manslaughter in connection with the slaying. The trial ended on Monday, and the jury deliberated until Tuesday evening, returning a guilty verdict. His sentencing is set for June 7.

Blue Lives Matter reported,

The jury found that Noor did not act with intent to kill, but instead acted recklessly with a “depraved” mind and no intent to kill.

The now-infamous shooting of an Australian woman who called police to report a suspected crime in the alley behind her house occurred when 32-year-old Officer Noor and his partner, Officer Matthew Harrity, responded to Damond’s 911 call, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported.

With Officer Noor in the passenger seat, Officer Harrity pulled into the alleyway behind Damond’s house with the patrol car’s headlights deactivated, and removed the safety hood from the holster of his duty weapon.

The officers heard a thump and saw Justine’s head, but could not see her hands. In the meantime, Noor had already drawn his weapon and shot her. She was unarmed and in her pajamas.
Harrity testified that though he was “spooked” by the noise, he felt that the use of lethal force was premature.

We previously reported on this incident:

According to testimony, psychiatrists and field training officers had concerns about his mental fitness to be on the street for more than two years prior to Damond’s death, according to the Star Tribune. They said he would likely be unable to handle the stress of police work and had difficulty dealing with people.

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  • Dawn

    While I am a supporter of our law enforcement, and defend them on the regular, this case troubled me greatly. I truly am glad they returned a guilty verdict on this one. We just can’t have officers blasting away any time they get “spooked”. What troubles me the most is the psychiatrist/trainers comments–if they felt this 2 years ago, why was he still on the force? Still, he’s gone now. Thank you for updated us on this.

  • JR

    What I want to know is why there is no link to the video of the Mayor parading this guy around as a “diversity” hire.

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