Former NY AG Schneiderman – Donald Trump’s Uncanny Prognostications

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The former New York State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, resigned from his post over allegations from four women that he hit, choked them, used racial epithets during sex, including calling one of them his “brown slave.” He resigned just three hours after the story broke in the New Yorker. Schneiderman “strongly contests” the allegations, but resigned effective Tuesday, March 8. The interesting thing is that Donald J. Trump knew that the AG of New York was bad, and wasn’t afraid to tweet about it as far back as 2013 and 2014.

Trump’s uncanny prognostications:

Schneiderman went after Harvey Weinstein while he was abusing women himself. Is that hypocrisy? Schneiderman has been a lynchpin in the constant accusations against Trump. And now we learn that he’s a true abuser of women. You thought Trump talking nasty about women’s private parts in a locker room was bad? Or having sex with a porn star? There have never been any allegations of violence with Donald Trump.

In September of 2017, Schneiderman tweeted:

“Sexual assault survivors, what happened to you is unconscionable. We have your back and we are fighting for you.”

A law sponsored by Schneiderman regarding sexual assault could now be used to prosecute him, according to the American Bar Association. Governor Cuomo has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the allegations.

Schneiderman’s resignation statement:

“It’s been my great honor and privilege to serve as attorney general for the people of the State of New York,” Schneiderman said. “In the last several hours, serious allegations, which I strongly contest, have been made against me.”

“While these allegations are unrelated to my professional conduct or the operations of the office, they will effectively prevent me from leading the office’s work at this critical time. I therefore resign my office, effective at the close of business on May 8, 2018.” Eric Schneiderman


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