Former Marine – Murderer, Terrorist, Traitor (video)

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Marcus Dwayne Robertson, 46, a former Marine known to his supporters at the Orlando-based Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary as “Abu Taubah,” used his Marine Corps training to teach other Jihadists tactics on how to kill Americans. He is due to be sentenced in April for a 2014 conviction on tax fraud, but new charges may be coming.

former marine

An extremist gang boss

Shortly after leaving the Marines in 1990, he led a murderous New York gang dubbed “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.” With Robertson as the leader known as “Ali Baba,” they robbed more than 10 banks, private homes and post offices at gun point, shot three police officers, and attacked one cop after he was injured by a homemade pipe bomb.

According to Fox News,

Federal Prosecutors say that Robertson’s gang “murdered several individuals; participated in assassination attempts; used pipe bombs, C-4, grenades, other explosives, and automatic weapons; participated in a robbery resulting in a hostage situation; and attempted the murder of police officers.”

Robertson personally gave more than $300,000 of stolen funds to mosques he attended. After he was arrested in 1991, Robertson cut a deal with prosecutors, and served just four years in prison while his cronies remain behind bars to this day.

An Imam with an agenda

He then resurfaced decades later as a radical imam at a Florida mosque using the name “Abu Taubah.” He was arrested in 2014 and is currently being held in a local jail on a gun conviction. But this is the least of his worries; more serious charges could be coming, given that prosecutors say he used the money to send his radicalized followers to Africa to learn how to kill Americans.

Jonathan Paul Jimenez, a student of Robertson, was recently convicted and sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for making a false statement to a federal agency in a matter involving international terrorism and conspiring to defraud the Internal Revenue Service.

Court records and wiretap transcripts from 2011 to 2015 provide a evidence of Robertson’s guilt after directing Jonathan Paul Jimenez, whom Robertson allegedly instructed to file false tax returns, to obtain a tax refund to pay for travel to Mauritania, Northwest Africa, for study and violent jihadist training.

“The United States believes that the defendant is still an extremist, just as he was in the early 1990s.”– Federal prosecutors


The tax fraud case led to the prosecution of Jimenez, who reportedly knew Robertson for 11 years and, by his own admission, trained with the imam for a year in preparation for his travel to Mauritania, where he would study and learn to kill U.S. military personnel.

Although there is overwhelming evidence against Robertson, he continues to claim he is a target  of a Muslim fearing government and proclaims his innocence.

“The Prosecution is attempting to characterize me as a ‘Teacher of Terrorists.’ … They are attempting to twist my statements to fit into a terrorist plot. …. In reality, they know I am not a terrorist teacher,” Robertson wrote on his web site.

Marcus Dwayne Robertson could get life in Prison under the Armed Career Criminal Act for violent felons. Because of his extensive violent criminal history dating back to 1991, sentencing has been scheduled for 4/30/2015 at 9:15 am in Orlando Courtroom 5 A before Judge Gregory A. Presnell. Maybe this time the system will get it right and put him away for good.  

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