Former deputy sheriff to Steve Quayle: Lavoy Finicum tased, murdered ‘for sure’

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On Friday, an individual identifying himself as a former 23-year Indiana sheriff’s deputy told Steve Quayle that LaVoy Finicum was murdered by law enforcement authorities “for sure.”

The unidentified former deputy said Finicum appears to have been tased before being shot to death.

“If you look close, Lavoy Finicum was shot from the left by a policeman with a Tazer before he was shot with anything else,” the deputy said.  “He was shot and killed laying on the ground after being rendered helpless on the ground from the wire fired Tazer.”

He added: “I have an extra large computer screen and it is unmistakable. If you follow the short sleeved uniform policeman you can even see him pulling in the wires of the Tazer as he walks toward the road. Murdered for sure.”

Questions have arisen since the FBI released what it called the complete, unedited video of the incident captured by a drone.  It is clear from the video that Finicum did not charge officers as some claimed, nor was he brandishing a firearm as he got out of the vehicle.

At one point in the video, he is seen reaching toward his left side.  Some have said he was reaching for a weapon, but that cannot be determined from the video.  Some online commenters have said Finicum preferred a revolver over a semi-automatic pistol while others have speculated that he was perhaps reacting to a gunshot wound.


Previous photos have showed him with a holstered revolver on his right hip and he was seen wearing a shoulder holster in an interview with the Oregonian one day before he was shot dead.  It’s not clear from the FBI video, however, if he was wearing such a holster when he was shot and killed.

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