Former Capital of the Confederacy Renaming School Barack Obama Elementary

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Richmond, Virginia was the capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War. The J.E.B. Stuart Elementary was named so in honor of a Southern General who was known as the “eyes and ears” of the Confederate Army. The school is now being renamed the “Barack Obama Elementary” from a vote of 6-1 by the school board on Monday night. The lone dissenting vote was from Kenya Gibson, who wanted to see more local names and wanted to wait, according to Fox.

Erasing history?

James Ewell Brown “Jeb” Stuart (1833-1864) attended the US Military Academy at West Point. Born in Richmond, Virginia, he rose to prominence during the Civil War for his skillful reconnaissance abilities and flamboyant style. He commanded a cavalry regiment. He was killed at the age of 31 at the Battle of Yellow Tavern in 1864.

According to, Stuart was a slave owner, which is probably part of the reason they are renaming the school.

The name change process began in April.

The Richmond School Board asked students, teachers, and administrators to put in the names for the change. The top three names chosen were Northside, Barack Obama and Wishtree. According to news reports, it will cost the school about $26,000 to rename the facility.

Erasing the Civil War is a huge mistake. There are already students who have no clue about the Civil War. Names like Robert E Lee, and other famous Southern Generals are rapidly disappearing into the political correctness that removes statutes, renames schools, uproots graves. Virginia has 15 of the 100 schools named after Confederate soldiers left in the US. It may not be long before those are gone too.  History is important as a remembrance that helps shape the future. There was a lot of pure ugliness during those says in America, but as a nation and a people, we have grown and become better in most ways.

Oh, that’s right, there are those who don’t believe we’ve changed for the better. They believe they are still slaves.

The school is said to be 90% black students. Honoring the nation’s first black president is normal.


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