Former Army Lt Col Anna Heres Considered Armed and Dangerous

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Fort Bragg: Former Lt Col Anna Heres was separated from the Army against her will and now she’s wanted for making death threats. The Womack Army Medical Center issued a BOLO order (be on the look out) for her as she may have “homicidal intent” after making death threats against specific people at the base. She is not considered a danger to anyone outside the military because the Military Police “know where she’s at.”

Heres has been barred from Fort Bragg, but officials warned that she might attempt to enter by deceptive means. All of the access points to the base have the information, as does local law enforcement.

Screenshot from WRAL

She was said to have expressed “homicidal intentions” against Womack Army Medical Personnel and members of the Warrior Transition Battalion.

Popular Military reported,

Fort Bragg officials said that while Heres threatened certain individuals on post, they did not believe she was a threat to the general public or to Fort Bragg as a whole.

Heres is reportedly a former New York State Corrections officer and is “familiar with weapons,” according to local news.

Officials said the BOLO alert was issued to warn access control guards to make sure Heres does not return to Fort Bragg. Officials said they know where Heres is but could not discuss it.

Heres is described as a black female, about 5 feet, 4 inches tall, about 120 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. She may be driving a silver 2009 BMW 328i with a New York license plate that reads “FZK-5156.”

It is unclear why Heres was “separated” from military service against her will. Generally people don’t rise to the rank of Lt Col without doing something right. Because the military is stating that she’s not a threat to the general public or the base as a whole may mean something entirely different than we think it does. But we hope that she can keep it together and not actually become an active shooter anywhere.

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  • Thank a Veteran Today

    There are certain folks who rise through the ranks faster than others due to affirmative action and this may be one of them. They inevitably fail because they almost always lack the professional skills, problem solving skills and moral compass that comes with working your way through the ranks and earning your position. The real issues arise of course, when those people are finally called out on their behavior- after their behavior has long been overlooked, for fear of EEOC reprisal. At this point they usually have settled into a feeling of superiority and un-touchability and paint themselves into a corner they cant jump out of. This was almost certainly what happened with this “colonel”. It would be interesting to find out what this idiot did to get kicked out of the military as a colonel, instead of just being demoted. Must be a hell of a backstory. I feel for the officers and enlisted men who had to work with her.

    • Joseph Haddakin


    • Mike

      You are the idiot for your comments. I know this LTC personally from a professional working environment. She was and still is a professional. She attempted to make things right for professional reasons and safety while under a toxic commander and staff who railroaded her to the WTB at Bragg and out of the military. She was a duly dedicated and motivated leader.

      • Anthony

        Worst leader ever. How this woman got as far as she did is a mystery

  • REM1875

    Thank a Veteran Today………………..well said…… I think you nailed it perfectly.

    • Anthony

      This crazy bitch was my commander in Iraq. Bout fukin time the army figured out SD hes a useless pile of crap

  • JNJ

    Ok, both of you guys are clueless. Her superiors would have weeded her abilities out well before promoting her to the rank of LTC. If one subscribes to your theory of Affirmative action is the golden ticket to fast promotion then all of her surperiors at every command that she served reviewed her records saw that she performed below average but saw the magic word Affirmative action and let her pass as a commander to make life altering decision for soldiers under her command?????? Get real, the Army that I know and love is not a get a pass if you get anything you work for it. Because in the battlefield there are no passes…….

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