Florida Stand Your Ground Shooting Over Handicapped Parking Spot

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An altercation over a woman parking in a handicapped spot in Clearwater, Florida ended with one man dead, and the community reeling. The Sheriff of Pinellas County stated he can’t charge the gunman because of the Florida stand your ground law.

The incident occurred on Thursday in the parking lot of a Circle A food store in Clearwater. Britany Jacobs, 24, had illegally parked her car in a handicapped space. Michael Drejka confronted her and a “pretty severe” argument ensued.

“There was no physical violence. There was no threats, but it was a disturbance that they were yelling at each other and he was complaining about her parking in the handicap spot.” Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri 

When Jacobs’ boyfriend, Markeis McGlockton, who was in the store with his 5 year old son, came outside, he walked over to Drejka, and shoved him to the ground.

“McGlockton approached Drejka. He didn’t waste any time getting to him, and then he pushed him, but it isn’t just a push. He really slammed him to the ground.” Gualtieri

“By this time a witness pulls up and everybody hears us going back and forth with one another. … A witness goes in the store and he let the owner know that there was somebody out there messing with a woman in a car. My man hears what’s going on, sees the guy yelling at me and I’m sitting in the car. My man is defending me and his children, so he pushes him down.” Britany Jacobs

At that point, Dejka pulled out a gun- he is a legal concealed carrier- and shot McGlockton once in the chest. He told  deputies that he was in fear for his life. Djeka is white, McGlockton was black, as is his girlfriend.

Sheriff Gualtieri will not charge Dejka with the shooting because of the Florida stand your ground law.

“He felt after being slammed to the ground that the next thing was that he was going to be further attacked by McGlockton and that he was focused on McGlockton’s lower body, really couldn’t see his hands, but he felt the next thing was that he was gonna be slammed again and that he’d be struck again and he was in fear.” Gualtieri 

The Sheriff stated that there are “bookends” to the Florida stand your ground law that was recently modified to say that the prosecution  must prove the the defendant does NOT have the right to claim stand your ground.

The state Attorney General’s office is investigating further. The main issue here is that McGlockton backed up when Drejka pulled the gun before he opened fire. Did that indicate the threat was not imminent?  Drejka reportedly has a history of harassing customers at the store previously, according to ABC.

Here is the surveillance video:

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  • Robert

    Don’t know what was said after the gun was out. Don’t know what shape the old guy was in. A lot of people here are saying “he was only pushed.” Have you ever seen what a slight fall can do to an older person? I doubt that the bully thug was saying kind things once the gun was out. A verbal threat can still be very serious in a situation like this.

  • ancient one

    The gentleman that was pushed probably falls under the elder law which when a younger person assalts him makes it a felony in florida.
    The concealed carry person was more than likely well within his rights.

    The only way to know now is to see what the courts decide.

  • Robert Gallant

    It’s a judgement call and not being there im not really in a position to judge his actions but going from a parking ticket to a death sentence seems a bit much. Personally I think he went to far. However I don’t know the whole situation but if fear becomes the standard there will be a lot people getting shot that could have been avoided. Once the aggression has stopped don’t let your guard down for sure as things can change in a second. He could end up getting shot with his own gun. I don’t like where this case can lead. Bad presidents can be set right here.

  • HusbandsSweeper

    Some grown man lays his hands on me like that, he better hope Im not carrying at that moment. No one is allowed to just lay their hands on you because they want to. Period. 2 laws were broken by the criminals

    1) illegal parking
    2) assault

    Stop bashing the good guy. In mere seconds the man flexing at the man on the ground could have run over and tragically hurt him some more. Im so glad to hear 1 old man didn’t lose his life to another disrespectful punk.

  • Brian

    He backed up. Not only did he back up he turned away 1/4 turn. Dude on the ground knew it. He killed that guy knowing full well he didnt need to. Deserves the death penalty. There were dozens of other options after the threat turned away. Guy is going to jail for certain. Idiot. All you old guys. If you draw and guy backs off. Dont shoot. Even if it breaks your hip all to shit, u draw he backs up you better drop your ego and understand the threat is over. Keep him in ur sites and wait for cops or call em. Tell him not to leave. Let him leave and get his plates. Option after option. U dont get to take someones life cuz you are butt hurt he pushed you over. Greatest generation my ass. Pussies

    • Kenny Hensley

      How about the old adage, “don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing…”

      They thought their shit didn’t stink…parking wherever…”just running in for a sec.” “Mah man was defendin’ me” bullshit. You don’t attack someone, especially when you’re in the wrong.

      You talk a good game, but until you’re in that situation yourself, you cannot say for certain what you would do. Or not do.

    • a j

      hey brian a step back doesnt mean threat is gone ,we werent there so we dont know if the dead guy started to verbally threaten now do we? i saw no hands go up in the air meaning he surrendered the situation, i saw a guy take a step back and get shot, partial turn appears same time he got popped….girlfriend shouldnt have got out of car to help assault the guy once he was down….

  • JD

    Did not take it to far, I’m disabled and she should of not broken the law. Any citizen has the right to confront her for breaking g the law. The veteran did NOT put his hands on her so why was it okay for her husband to..? I would of done the same thing and the veteran, protected myself.

  • John

    don’t pull unless you intend to fire, pulling to hold someone off is an invitation to have others join in.

  • Kevin

    Brian, He had no right to push him to the ground. That was assault. Us old guys are tire as hell of you young punks not respecting anyone and crying help when one of us old guys you underestimated decks your ass. It’s a shame that this young guy died. A life is precious no matter how disrespectful, and misguided it is. Lets learn some things from this. #1 don’t park in handicap spaces UNLESS YOUR HANDICAPPED #2 DON’T BE A MOUTHY ASS HAT IF SOMEONE CALLS YOU ON IT. #3 ASSAULTING SOMEONE WITH A VIOLENT SHOVE IS INVITING WHATEVER VIOLENCE THAT PERSON IS CAPABLE OF. Or to put it in other words who had the chance to make a choice to park where they were actually allowed to but chose not to? Who chose to fight once called on parking illegally? Who chose to be violent first? And calling someone “your man” kinda sounds like a slave owner talking.

  • Lester W Bowen

    It was a sad situation all around, but thank God he had a weapon and was able to use it to stop the attack in time! One for the good guys! In Florida we don’t have to fear or avoid the criminals, they have to fear and avoid US! This is the greatest part of living in Florida, only the bad guys have to live in fear! God Bless the heroes who choose to carry concealed and stand their ground against the aggression!

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