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The recent Florida shooting has once again ignited the gun control debate. In the aftermath it didn’t take long for the left to start villainizing the National Rifle Association (NRA), as if NRA members had anything to do with this or any other massacre of innocents. The Second Amendment existed long before the NRA was ever founded (as did crime) and is a sacred right enumerated in our Bill of Rights.

The NRA and its millions of responsible, upstanding and law-abiding members stand for the protection of those rights, safe and responsible firearm ownership, education, training and are as outraged as any other citizen when those rights are abused. But the time has come where as NRA members, we aren’t going to listen to the vitriol directed at us anymore.

I for one refuse to be lectured on my rights any longer, especially from the degenerate left. I refuse to be lectured by Millennials and children who don’t respect their parents, adults and seniors. Who bully and torment their classmates into depression, rage and suicide. It isn’t NRA members shooting up these schools. It’s your own CLASSMATES.

I refuse to be lectured by pacifists who refuse to take responsibility for their own security, preferring to allow others to do the heavy lifting and force others into making moral choices they don’t have the courage to. I refuse to be lectured by a medical community that causes an opioid epidemic that kills thousands and walks away Scott-free. The same medical community that creates psychopaths and killers by pumping psychotropic drugs into kids.

I refuse to be lectured by social justice warriors who say a man wearing high heels, a wig, lipstick and a skirt is entirely “normal” at the same time crying about mental health. The same SJW’s who think a man using the same bathroom as a ten-year girl is entirely ok yet somehow want to institute mental health background checks for those they differ with politically.

I refuse to be lectured by judges and lawyers who conspire to plead out criminal gun cases and let criminals go free only to return to our communities to wreak more havoc. I refuse to be lectured by police chiefs who want me disarmed in the face of riots and rampant crime they have no answers to. The same police that can’t prevent a massacre when WARNED IN ADVANCE.

I refuse to be lectured by school teachers who have failed in their basic obligations to educate children on the horrors of Socialism, Communism, Fascism and teach basic history, instead of indoctrinating them into a cult of social justice. I refuse to be lectured by school administrators who refuse to institute “common sense” security measures at our nation’s schools.

I refuse to be lectured by politicians who talk about innocents being gunned down, yet support abortion on demand, the wholesale slaughter of innocents. The same politicians who allow illegal aliens killers, drug dealers and human traffickers to come into our country with impunity.

I refuse to be lectured by race baiters who use racial politics to further division and hatred while ignoring the carnage of drugs and guns in minority neighborhoods. I refuse to be lectured by a sick society that brought us the “knock-out game.”

I refuse to be lectured by Europeans who are overrun by terrorists and would have the same for us. I refuse to be lectured by domestic terrorists like BLM and ANTIFA on the radical left. Your violence is what we need protection from.

I refuse to be lectured by those shouting “fuck the police” yet at the first sign of trouble call 9-11.

I refuse to be lectured by those who know nothing about firearms and have the audacity to espouse what kind of firearm I do or don’t “need.” I’ll decide the issue.

I refuse to be lectured by those who insult our President but don’t understand the fundamental differences between the three branches of government.

I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to be lectured by the MSM who have done more to generate hate, hostility, disinformation and civil unrest than the NRA ever could. So, march and chant, riot and burn all you want, SJWs and liberals. I’ll keep my guns where they always are. Whenever you feel froggy…

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  • Scott Ratley

    Love it

  • Rj

    Agree with vast majority….I am in medicine, been so since 75…I served and am now in chronic pain 24/7/365. There is NO OPIATE EPIDEMIC….that is a phrase, “opiate epidemic”, which was created by fucking libtard politicians with their hands in the drug addiction “treatment” scheme to make them more money and pass laws that help no one but themselves…I, along with many others, have been on opiates for decades and remain high functioning, take away my only means of pain relief then I become a drain on society….just wanted to expound on your statement concerning the alleged epidemic that doesn’t exist…that shit was made up by the va and the cdc to cover their asses and line their pockets…we have a decision of “addiction” not a opiate epidemic….also, I agree too many providers hand out antidepressants, antianxiety meds and PTDS pills when the majority have no idea what they are doing….but, they do NOT create psychopaths…the government created many of the psychological issues by sending us to war, getting the best years of our lives, just to throw us away after we no longer fit their needs any longer….we didn’t ask for this hell hole and our blinded trust relied on the DOD and va to assist us in dealing with our demons or helping us with the damage done to our mortal bodies….

    As I said, I agree with the vast majority of what you wrote…if I misinterpreted anything at all please let me know….RLTW

  • Pebbles

    Most of us feel this way! I’m so tired of them stomping on the bodies of the dead so they can use them to disarm us. Every time this gun control nonsense is spouted, 100 more guns are sold. And what we’ve learned in the last few years about our government agencies, why would we ever think about ANY new gun laws or giving up any more of our God given Rights to protect our loved ones and selves!!

  • Deborah Worley

    Thank you!

  • B.

    My favorite was when he called millenials bullies about 6 words after he called people on the left “degenerates.” Gotta love it.

  • Bgbdmom

    Chris was ambushed. He was too trusting of a whackjob he thought was just having a hard time adjusting. It happens to the best sometimes.

  • Pa

    Outstanding, well written. Thank you.

  • Jennifer Edwards

    I don’t own a gun. I suffer from mild depression and anxiety, and I take medication everyday for it. If I don’t, within three days of being off of it I turn into and irritated bitch to be around. I would IN NO WAY ever hurt an individual or group of them! This being said, I support and agree with you. I spent 12 years as an active duty Marine that never got the chance to go to combat (and it’s not because I didn’t want to)!
    It’s hard to see our country going to hell in a hand basket and feeling completely frustrated that there is nothing I can do. Of course there are the protests, letters to politicians and the sort. Like you, I feel that lobbyist and mega corporations are what fill seats in all branches of our government, and in turn the best interest of the people has been lost to greed. What I know of mental health is that it is strictly trial and error to see what medications bandaid the symptoms. In order to understand it, we should be examining the root causes… the brain and how it triggers the body, thought process, and reactions to emotional stimulus. With everything going on in our country, mass shootings have nothing to do with the NRA. Like you said, you like guns in the hands of the law abiding citizens and want to train them. There is no way to keep these events from happening because there is no way to predict human behavior. I’m not the smartest person, but I am pretty observant, and I have watched this drastic change happen, but never noticed it happening until leaving the military. I don’t want stricter rules, regulations, or policy; that will not fix our problem. I want solutions, from all angles. Instead of social media and news trying to divide our country, why not try to work on answers as a united front? I’m not sure what happened to our country to allow someone’s “hurt feelings” dictate how our founding fathers brought this country together in the first place. In all honesty, and simply my own personal opinion, I think that technology has more of a part to play than other facet. We have lost what it means to work hard, help your fellow neighbor, and promote well educated children.
    Some many issues are at fault here, and we want to point fingers. Why not find out where these problems stem from and figure out a solution to mitigate it. It will never fully go away, but we can stop these things from becoming more frequent.
    I apologize for my rant on your post. I think that it was very well said. Thank you.

  • Merinas van der Lubbe

    There’s a key element here that everyone seems to miss: In nearly all of these cases (and, interestingly, the Vegas shooter seems to be an exception) *every one knows who these creeps are – in *advance* of their committing the crime).

    For instance, in the case of the Aurora Theater shooting, the creep – a paranoid schizophrenic if there ever was one – went to a local gun store to get access to a gun range. The owner, who headed the organization that maintained the range, took one look at him and said “No” – and was so disturbed by the creep, that he also called all the other officials of the organization and warned them about the creep, telling them that under no circumstances should he be allowed access to the range.

    The same sort of warnings on the part of numerous people who come in contact with these creeps have occurred with *almost* all of them (as I said, the Vegas shooter is a notable exception – at least as far as we know at this point).

    So, given that much, that they CAN be recognized in advance of committing their crimes – WHY IS THERE NO WAY TO HAVE THEM LOCKED UP??

    I’m well aware of all the civil liberties issues involved here – but that’s entirely irrelevant to the question of, exactly what *is* this perception that people have that enables them to recognize these critters? We really, really, *badly* need that question answered – and we need a broad spectrum of expertise – law enforcement, mental health, firearms owners, store clerks (just for instance, there was a woman at Wal-Mart who refused to sell ammunition to the creep who tried to kill Gabby Giffords; what did *she* see staring at her?) addressed to the problem… Does *anybody* want to argue that we are for ANY reason better off now for NOT having grabbed all of these creeps off the street and locked them up? There are ALL manner of cases that can be examined in detail, to find the key(s) to this problem of identifying these mutant animals – and we’re NOT doing it. FBI, which supposedly has the best resources in the *world* for analyzing criminal behavior (at least, if you can believe their own P.R., and all the Hollywood crap that’s promulgated about them) has totally, *completely* BLOWN it – REPEATEDLY.

    Why can’t we get at this? If we EVER needed the Donald to kick ass, take names, and FIRE a bunch of people and replace them with somebody who’s *determined* to solve this, it’s now – NOW.

  • JEFF Jckson

    VERY WELL SAID! I shared this to my facebook page for all those SNOWFLAKES to read. I would like to see this in my local newspaper op-ed page as well. It needed to be said and wish I was articulate enough to have done so already. THANK YOU………Jeff Jackson

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