Florida Gun Bill — Falling for the Leftist Agenda on Gun Control

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The Florida House Committee passed through a Florida gun bill that will now go to the Floor for voting. It raises the age to purchase firearms,  supposedly deals with mental health issues, and school safety. Brush fire managment is the name of the game with regard to school shootings. The left pressures politicians to do everything from outright banning guns to background checks and raising the age of firearms purchases. But none of those things actually stop the violence. And politicians of both parties succumb to the left’s narrative whenever a major tragedy occurs.

The Florida bill creates a program where school teachers can voluntarily receive law enforcement training and become a special deputy so they can carry their weapon in schools (that’s good). But it also raises the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21… that restriction is just one more regulation on the right to keep and bear arms for law abiding citizens.

“Part of what we need to do is make people understand that guns are not the problem. None of the gun control that they have in this bill will stop mass shooters with mental illness. There are laws in place that if they had been followed, that shooter could have been stopped so many times it makes your head spin. So passing more laws dealing with guns as a solution to a problem that exists within the enforcement of laws is just kind of silly.” Marion Hammer, Lobbyist

Many of the legislators also wanted an “assault weapons” ban. One of them actually added an amendment to the Florida bill. Fortunately, the amendment was rejected by a vote of 18-11. The screeching of the left attempts to shame not only the NRA, but legal gun owners into capitulation. It seems to be working.

Liberal Agenda does not hold answers

Ms. Hammer is correct. The problem isn’t with the gun, it’s with the shooter. The left’s narrative is that owning a gun is the problem. Even Condoleeza Rice recently said that we should review whether the 2nd Amendment is practical based on modern society.

The US Congress Republicans have plans to send out a bill that will include elements of  “Fix Nics,” regulate or ban bumpstocks, and supposedly increase school security. But make NO mistake, background checks do not stop mass shootings.

Stopping mentally ill persons from obtaining a weapon might help, but that is an extremely difficult thing to do. Especially with kids who are diagnosed with a mental problem. Would it stop if the kid couldn’t buy a gun? Not really. Adam Lanza murdered his own mother to get her guns.

As we saw with the Florida shooting, even if someone is reported as dangerous, law enforcement was loathe to do anything about it based on some nebulous promise not cause emotional problems. Essentially they removed the consequences for the actions of Nikolas Cruz.

“But we will turn our grief into action. We have to take steps to harden our schools so that they are less vulnerable to attack.” President Trump

Hardening schools with better armed security is one thing. Destroying the ability of law abiding citizens to defend themselves is another.

Heads up, America, your 2nd Amendment rights both in Florida and the rest of the nation are in jeopardy right NOW.

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