Florida Governor Suspends Sheriff Scott Israel by Executive Order

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed an Executive Order on Friday that suspends embattled Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel. He has been under fire for his handling of the Parkland shooting in February of last year. DeSantis appointed Sgt Gregory Tony from Coral Springs as the interim Sheriff.

Coral Springs officers, if you recall, were the ones to entered the high school immediately upon arrival, whereas Broward County “staged” outside and did not enter.

The Broward County deputies union voted “no confidence” against Sheriff Israel some time ago.

Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow died in the mass shooting, was the one who recommended Sgt Tony for the job.

CBS Miami reported,

“While campaigning last year, DeSantis said on multiple occasions that Israel should be suspended for how he and his office handled the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Seventeen people died and 17 more were hurt on Valentine’s Day when self-confessed shooter Nikolas Cruz walked through an open gate, into the MSD freshman building and opened fire.

During a November meeting of the MSD Safety Commission, Israel was brought in to answer questions.

He was asked about a perceived lack of urgency from initial arriving deputies at the school, who, in some cases, did not immediately run toward the gunfire and did not have annual active shooter training.

Israel said that any deputies who are found to have acted inappropriately or failed to act would be dealt with.

Commission members also grilled Israel over BSO’s policy for deputies dealing with an active shooter.

They said the policy as written provided deputy’s discretion on whether to confront the shooter.”

“Discretion” is the issue – when people’s lives are at stake, action is the better part of valor.

Israel has been saying for several days that he expected to be suspended. The issue now rests with the Florida state Senate for whatever action is to come. The Governor can suspend, but the Senate must make the final determination.

Here are just a few of the stories related to the debacle in Parkland, Florida:

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