Florida – good guy with a gun saved a Deputy’s life

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Estero, Florida – A twelve year veteran of the Lee County Sheriff’s office is alive tonight after an armed citizen happened to see him being beaten by a suspect at the side of the road. The citizen shot and killed the suspect who refused to get off of the deputy.
UPDATE: 3/2017 The video of the attack was released by police. It shows Ashad Russell shooting the attacker 3 times to save the police officer’s life.

The incident occurred off I-75 exit ramp. Deputy First Class Dean Bardes was investigating an accident scene, when he noted the suspect vehicle driving recklessly. He pursued the vehicle for several miles, but when the suspect finally stopped, they both exited their vehicles and a fight started.

It is unclear if Deputy Bardes fired his weapon, but the exit ramp was closed until 7 p.m. local time. According to Bardes, the suspect was armed.

Lee County Deputy Dean Bardes

Blue Lives Matter reported,

A passerby who was driving by, saw Deputy Dean Bardes fighting with the suspect and stopped to render help. At that point the suspect was on top of  Deputy Bardes, beating him as Deputy Bardes was screaming for help. Deputy Bardes got that help! The passerby, who has not yet been identified, was a legal CCW holder and was armed. He ordered the suspect to get off of Deputy Bardes, and the suspect then made the fatal decision not to comply with the demands of the good citizen, who then shot and killed him.

The name of the armed citizen has not been released.

The Deputy was released from Lee Memorial Hospital.


Videos are from WINK news.

Emergency crew administering CPR:

A witness account of the incident:

Video of a helicopter landing on the exit ramp:

The first few days of November were horrendous for deaths of police officers. According to the Law Enforcement Officers Down page,from November 6 through 13, 5 police officers were killed. Stanislaus County in California yesterday, Canonsburg Borough in Pennsylvania on Nov 10, Show Low PD in Arizona on Nov 8, and two Deputies in Peach County, Georgia on Nov 6, one died later on Nov 8.

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