Florida Constitutional Carry Bill – Does It Have A Chance?

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A piece of legislation filed on Tuesday is essentially a Florida Constitutional Carry bill (HB 273). The bill was filed by Florida state Rep Anthony Sabatini, who believes it would bring Floridians closer to the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution.

HB 273 removes the need for a CCW permit, as well as the requirement for training.  All of which has the anti-gunners in a complete meltdown.

The bill would make Florida the 17th Constitutional Carry state. But Florida has many anti-gunners – most of the other states already on board are smaller and have less populations of liberals to contend with the idea.

Sixteen states so far have Constitutional Carry: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho (residents only), Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota (residents only; concealed carry only), Oklahoma (effective November 1, 2019), South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Some of the comments from the anti-gun crowd  on Rep Sabitini’s post signal the usual opposition from the gun control lobby:

“As a CCP holder, this is a HUGE mistake. You’re essentially letting anyone carry a firearm not knowing if they SHOULD. Testing and BG checks are for a REASON.”

“What the f@$k is wrong with you? This isn’t the Wild West, go back to school and actually read the Constitution instead of just using it as a talking point.”

“Out of 307,558 new and renewal requests 8,081 were denied for Jul 2018 to Jun 2019.”

Notice that this person doesn’t say WHY they were denied.

The vast majority of responses to Rep Sabatini’s tweet were positive, and from 2nd amendment supporters. But there have been issues with Florida’s once gun-friendly atmosphere. They tried to pass a ban on assault weapons. The Democrat in charge of CCW permits doesn’t like guns. After the Parkland shooting,  the age for people to buy guns  was changed when some Republicans sold out to the Democrat push.

So it remains to be seen whether Rep Sabatini and his supporters can get it through to the Governor. We hope they are successful.

Featured photo: Screenshot via Rep Sabatini Facebook


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