Florida Conservatives Call for an Investigation into Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel

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One after another, Florida conservatives are calling on Governor Rick Scott to not only investigate Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, but also to remove him from office.

Sheriff Israel is under fire for failing to act on the tips and repeated warning signs of Nikolas Cruz’s violent and unstable behavior, as well as instructing his own officers not to go into the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Instead, Sheriff Israel ordered them to begin triage staging before Israel and his deputies knew the shooting was over. This type of instruction has left law enforcement experts flabbergasted because it likely cost lives.

Recognizing Sheriff Israel’s massive failure to act on the first warning sign of Nikolas Cruz’s violent potential, Adam Putnam, Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture, was the first to call for the resignation of the Broward County Sheriff.

Richard Corcoran, Florida’s Speaker of the House, quickly followed Putnam’s call by putting together a letter, signed by 73 of his Republican colleagues in the legislature, calling on the disgraced Sheriff Israel to resign.

In an interview on Fox News, Speaker Corcoran gave pointed reasons for the sheriff’s resignation, including Sheriff Israel’s unwillingness to contact local police about Nikolas Cruz’s unusual, dangerous behavior, even after receiving 45 alarming calls, as well as his failure to hold himself accountable for his actions.

Florida conservatives are demanding answers, on behalf of all Floridians, for the mistakes and immense failures of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department. Sadly, Sheriff Israel continues to deflect all responsibility, blasting Florida lawmakers, like State Representative Bill Hager, for his calls to resign from his position as top sheriff.

He’s one to talk. It’s an insult to the people of Florida for Sheriff Scott Israel to dodge questions and refuse to take any responsibility for failing to manage his department and keep Florida’s children safe.

What’s next for the Sheriff Scott Israel investigation? Florida Attorney General candidate Jay Fant has called for an outside, independent investigative body to take charge so that Broward County Sheriff’s Department, or any police department around the country for that matter, does not fail our children again.

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