Florida – a Child Saved, a Kidnapper Nabbed

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Florida – a Child Saved, a Kidnapper Nabbed

Hernando, Florida – Don’t mess with mama bears. You’ve heard that before. But a Florida Mom had to wrestle her daughter away from a kidnapper on Tuesday morning at a local Dollar Store.

Craig Bonello, 30, attempted to drag a 13 year old child out of the Dollar Store, but the mother grabbed her and a tug-of-war began.

As he finally let go and ran from the store, an off-duty Deputy for Citrus County, Jonathan Behnen, happened to pull up to the store for a “quick shopping trip” for his wife. But the store manager alerted the deputy to the problem, and he moved immediately to stop the perpetrator.

“When I first saw him run out the building, I thought it was just a shoplifter.” Deputy Behnen

According to the Tampa Bay Times

“Behnen used his car to block in Bonello’s vehicle next to a delivery van and then ordered Bonello to come out of the car. Behnen was eventually able to get Bonello into cuffs after he initially refused and drove the car slightly back and forth.”

Kidnappers usually try to take children when no one is looking, not when the mother and half the store are nearby.

“In my 10 years on the road I have never seen anything like this. He truly intended to abduct this child right in front of everyone in the store. Sgt. Craig Callahan


Craig Bonello – police photo

Fox reported,

Bonello faces charges of kidnapping and child abuse. He has a long criminal history and was most recently arrested for trespassing in February. Bonello was also charged with felony aggravated battery on a law enforcment [sic] officer in 2009.

We are very fortunate our deputy was there as quickly as he was. We are very fortunate that the mother had that motherly instinct and did what she did.” Sgt. Callahan said. “She may have saved her daughter’s life today. I don’t exactly know a motive, but I know it wasn’t a good one.”

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the suspect admitted being in the store, but would not say what he was going to do with the girl after he kidnapped her.

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