Florida Ballot Proposal to Ban Your Guns

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Democrats want your guns, and they are no longer trying to hide it. A political committee called “Ban Assault Weapons Now” has filed a proposal to the Florida State Board of Elections for the 2020 ballot. It’s going to be a long pull for the backers, with hundreds of thousands of signers required to get it on the ballot, according to Fox35. They want their proposal to be a Constitutional amendment for the State of Florida.

Fox35 reports that the proposal bans “semiautomatic rifles and shotguns capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition at once.” It has an exemption for military and law enforcement, and has a grandfather clause for those owning these weapons before the ban….except that their weapons will have to be registered.

It is unclear what else is in the ban. But it is likely to have a host of other items tucked inside.

The Miami-based ‘Ban Assault Weapons Now’ has partnered with a California based company for the petitions. Their goal:

“Florida law allows its citizens to propose amendments to the state constitution by petition, which will then be placed before voters in a general election. The NRA and gun manufacturers may hold sway over politicians, but they don’t control our voices, our votes. The numbers are on our side. According to a February 20th poll from MSNBC, 67 percent of Americans support an assault weapons ban. A poll from Florida Atlantic University reports that 70 percent of Florida voters favor an assault weapons ban.”

Their steering committee includes Congressman Ted Deutch, Parkland and Mayor Skip Campbell, Coral Springs. Committee members include at least two Republicans, many of the others survivors and relatives of survivors of both the Parkland and Pulse shootings.

Here’s the problem:

Breitbart noted that big money involvement in these gun control initiatives can sway the people- as it did in the recent Washington State passage of I 1639. That particular item made Washington one of the most restrictive states in the country for gun control. Will the mass shootings of the Pulse Nightclub and Parkland create the perfect storm for these outsiders to destroy the 2nd Amendment in Florida?

Polls can be skewed. People can be swayed. It’s up to the citizens of Florida whether they want their 2nd Amendment rights deleted.

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  • dave miles

    Californian politicians need to keep their noses out of floridas business ,they created plenty of problems in their own state we don’t need them here


    The Intent of the Founding Fathers of America, when writing the U.S. Constitution, was to create a Fixed Body of Law that would not be Subjected to the Whims or Trends, of a Confused or Misguided Majority.

    However, the Bill of Rights is not the same as Constitutional Law, because it is describing the Rights of the Individual, Laws can be Amended, But Right Cannot be Amended, and to suggest Amending Right is an Attempt to Pry the Concept of Freedom from the Foundation of America.

    Anyone that would suggest such an idea should be Arrested, and Charged with Treason. These are the kind of Laws “WE The People” need to Demand, Not More Gun Control…

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