Flint, Michigan – Man Beaten by Thugs, 1 Arrest Made

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Flint, Michigan was once a town of hope and good jobs in the auto industry. But for Philip Walker, the 62 year old white gentleman in a June 24th video posted by Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, it was a dangerous place for him to walk. He was born and raised on the East side of Flint that is now home to criminals.  On May 27, he was beaten by thugs for no reason.

Update: All three men involved in this incident have been identified and arrested.

We spoke to Christelle Castellini, Mr. Walker’s niece, on June 30, who gave us the straight story on the incident.

May 27, 2017

Philip Walker has dementia. On May 27, 2017, he had wandered to the area of Davisson Rd and Asbury Rd in east Flint. He grew up in that part of the city, and his memories of the area frequently took him there because it was “home.”

As Philip walked alone by the parking lot of a local church, he was confronted by three black males. They each took turns holding a cell phone and beating on him while shooting video. They left the scene, leaving Mr. Walker defenseless. Someone, perhaps an unknown passerby, picked him up and took him to the hospital. He had been kicked in the face and punched numerous times.

After watching the video, Mr. Walker remembers being approached by the three men, but not much after that. He doesn’t remember what precipitated the attack, if anything.

Police were called that day by witnesses, but never came, according to his niece. It is unclear exactly why.

Two days later, he was released from the hospital and went home to his niece’s cousin’s house where he has been staying.

After the video was posted on June 24,  Flint news media released it to the police, who asked the public’s help in identifying the suspects.

“This attack is extremely senseless.” Flint Public Information Officer Tyrone Booth

Police were advised who one of the men was and requested a warrant. The man in the red shorts was arrested on June 29. Unfortunately, a couple of hours later, he was released “PFI” – pending further investigation. So he is back out on the street.

There were 3 men involved in the incident, and the original video is said to be about 6 minutes long. The video posted on our page is the shortened, edited version that was sent to us first. We do not know where that original video was posted.

Christelle referred to Flint as a “war zone.”

“I’ve watched my city crumble around me ever since GM left. Because they have that ‘PFI’ where criminals are just released with no bond or anything, there are criminals everywhere. It can take up to 3 years for police to pick them up again. You can get get shot for just backing out of your driveway there. I’ve lost a  lot of family members to that city.” Christelle

Philip Walker is now healed up from the battery incident. He signed the paperwork on June 30 to press charges.

Flint, Michigan

The city is now often referred to as “Murder Town” instead of “Vehicle City.” More than the water crisis, which is ongoing, it has become something entirely different than Mr. Walker’s family remembers.

Jalopnik wrote:

“Everyone in Flint has a story about General Motors. Flint is where GM was born more than 100 years ago. It rose a GM company town, home to scores of car plants in the area over the decades. It boomed in GM’s earliest years before World War II, saw the creation of the modern auto labor movement, and for decades was a place where working class people could find good-paying jobs.

But Flint fell alongside GM too, both as plants closed and jobs moved overseas and the city’s own tax base eroded when GM moved outside Flint proper to its suburbs—moves subsidized by Flint itself for the sake of its largest and most vital employer.”

The city of Flint, Michigan is decayed, dirty, and floundering in part because of its own decisions.

Christelle now lives out of state and has no desire to return. Watching her Uncle be beaten by thugs bothered her tremendously, so much so that she couldn’t watch the rest of the video.

“What do my children have to look forward to the way things are right now?”

The video can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/UncleSamsChildren/videos/703313429864659/

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