FL Politician Wants Rape Survivor Disarmed

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FL Politician Wants Rape Survivor Disarmed

Shayna Lopez-Rivas was raped on campus. Now she wants the right to carry her gun instead of leave it in the car. But a Florida Senator has ignored her requests for a meeting, and liberals have sent vile messages to her. This pro-self-defense lady is fighting for all students who want the right to carry on campus.

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Shayna Lopez-Rivas- self-defense advocate – Pinterest photo

She wrote an article about Prevention of Sexual Assault for the “Kentucky Kernel” that was removed and no longer available for search. It was likely removed because of her pro-gun stance.

Legislative issues

Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla has blocked the Florida Campus Carry Law in his committee, in spite of it being passed in the Florida House by a wide margin. He has refused to meet with her, even though she has sent requests to meet for just long enough to explain her stand. She openly told him she was a rape victim.

“I was ignored.  I was told the Senator is busy.  The senator’s assistant told me to stop making “threats”, though I never threatened anyone.  It’s been more than 100 days and 17 emails sent to his assistant.  I received nine responses.  Every response from the Senator’s office told me the Senator was too busy to see me while claiming that he “NEVER” refuses to meet with ANYONE. ” Shayna Lopez- Rivas

Hate Messages:

But she is not just being ignored by the Senator of her district. Because her public stand is well known, she receives hate messages every week.

“I have expressed my opinion publicly and have been shocked by the response of gun rights opponents. Let me give a big shout out to the opponents of civilian self-defense and campus carry. They are the ones who gave me a real public education this year.

Thank you to those who tweeted me and Facebooked me advocating that I be murdered for my beliefs. Thank you to everyone who has said I should be killed in a drone strike. Thank you to the people who called me a liar, called me a daytime soap opera writer, and called me a mouthpiece for the gun lobby.

Here is a BIG THANK YOU to those who believe I should be raped again because I advocate self-defense!

Thank you for sending me these vile messages to me each week: you have taught me so much about you, as individuals, and about the anti-gun movement as a whole.

Opponents of gun rights bring up their own fears of immature behavior as a reason for restricting gun ownership by honest citizens.  This year I watched as a prominent student gun opponent was arrested for buying cocaine from an undercover cop. That sounds pretty immature to me.

Gun opponents say they want less violence. Yet these same opponents simultaneously advocate that gun owners be murdered and rape survivors be viciously attacked.  I would not have believed it if I hadn’t lived it.”


I’m glad she’s attributed liberal behavior as “immature.” I have another word for it.  When liberals can’t figure out the answer to  anything, they come out with threats. We hope Shayna stays safe and continues to advocate for the right to self-defense!



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