FL Pastor Tackles Robber During Sunday Sermon – Literally

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It seemed like a normal Sunday morning at Christian Fellowship Church in Melbourne, Florida. Pastor Leslie Snodgrass was delivering his sermon, when John Grace walked into the church,  held a gun to a parishioner’s head, and demanded money from the congregation. Not smart. Some Christians are tougher than others.

The would-be robber

When he noticed the problem, Pastor Snodgrass kept asking the man, “Johnny, please talk to me.” “Johnny what is the problem?” In this mp3 link the incident occurs at 39.53 on the Google Drive app. John Grace had attended the church on occasion previously, as his parents also attended there.

Fl Pastor

John Grace was arrested for attempting to rob a congregation during a sermon. – police photo

John Grace was armed with a gun and a knife. The gun was a replica of a Sig Sauer. He held it to the head of a parishioner and threatened to shoot them if they did not hand over their money. Except he didn’t get that far into his plan.

Full body tackle

As the man threatened the people, the pastor slowly inched his way closer, talking to him. When he got close enough, he tackled the man, throwing him against the wall of the church.

Rev. Snodgrass’ son Darius leaped across the auditorium and punched the man in the face, then knocked him to the floor. Darius then proceeded to punch the would-be robber several times until his Pastor dad told him to stop.

He also had tape and towels in his bag. He was going to gag us, but my dad rushed him and pinned him to the wall. I leaped at him and punched him hard in the face many times.

What’s weird is that I was like 6 feet away from the assailant, but when my dad pinned him against the wall, it’s like God gave me super strength in my legs to leap across the church. I basically flew 6 feet in one jump and punched him in the face. I knocked him to the floor and my dad grabbed the gun.

I continued to punch him until my dad told me to stop. I was so so angry with him. My dad told me to grab his knife so I did. My mom held her stun gun to him and my dad told me to call the police.

They came and restrained him and took him away. — Darius Snodgrass Facebook page

It turns out the gun was not a real one, rather a BB gun that looked real. Pastor Snodgrass has been interviewed numerous times on local media, including Fox News. It will be a while before anyone attempts to rob his congregation again. He and his son made a pretty good team.




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