FL Governor Ron DeSantis Went To Polls, Learned Someone Changed His Address

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When FL Governor Ron DeSantis went to vote on October 23,  he learned that someone changed his address without his permission, so he couldn’t vote at that time. He contacted the FDLE and they tracked the change to a manin Golden Gate, Florida. He was arrested, the address was changed back, and the Governor was able to vote.

Anthony Steven Guevara, 20, ultimately admitted to investigators that he was the one who changed Governor Ron DeSantis’ address. So how did he manage to change the Governor’s address on the voter rolls in Florida?

First, he went to the Wikipedia page for the FL Governor and obtained his date of birth. A good rule of thumb for everyone is to not post your full Date of Birth on any publicly visible website. That goes for everything from Facebook to Wikipedia. Month and day is okay, but the full Date of Birth (DOB) with year is an absolute no-no. Whoever did the Wikipedia page for FL Governor Ron DeSantis should have known that.

 The IP address of the computer:

WINK news reported,

DeSantis said he didn’t authorize the change and contacted FDLE, which got in touch with Leon County’s Supervisor of Elections Office to request the logs for the date and time in which the suspect IP requested the change of the governor’s information.

The logs showed that the request was made using a computer at a home in Golden Gate. Authorities went to the home on 19th Avenue SW with a search warrant, where the suspect, Anthony Steven Guevara, was present.

An investigator examined Guevara’s computer and found that he had conducted searches of “Florida My Vote” and “Florida Governor.” It was also found that he had accessed the website dos.myflorida.com, as well as the Wikipedia page for DeSantis.

Guevara admitted to investigators that he changed the governor’s address in the database and even showed them how he did it. According to the report, “Guevara stated after accessing the ‘Voter Information Lookup’ section on the ‘dos.myflorida.com’ website, he entered Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ first name, last name, and date of birth.” Guevara said he obtained DeSantis’ birthdate by going to his Wikipedia page.

Guevara said the West Palm Beach address he changed the governors to is that of a YouTube personality.

Tne news media stated that Guevara also accessed information for Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Florida Senator Rick Scott, and several other celebrities, but denied changing anything else. Guevara was charged with altering a voter registration without permission, and a property crime. He was taken to the Collier County jail on a $5,000 bond. Fl Governor Ron DeSantis was able to cast his ballot soone after the incident.


Featured photo: screenshot WINK news video, and mugshot of Anthony Guevara


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