Death of English Spy Gareth Williams Still a Mystery

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On August 23, 2010, the deceased body of English spy Gareth Williams, 31, was found in carefully tucked in a bag at his Pimlico, London flat. Mr. Williams was last seen alive on August 15, 2010 by his co-workers. His death is ‘undetermined’ due to the fact that his body was not found for over a week, and his flat’s heater had been turned on, thus facilitating the decomposition. There was also a Clinton connection.

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Who killed English spiy Gareth Williams – photo via Daily Mirror

Spy in a bag


His death remains under suspicion due to the fact that Coroner Fiona Wilcox’s 2012 inquest found evidence of unnatural causes – likely meaning a ‘criminally mediated death.’ The fact that Mr. Williams’ line of work as a spy deepened the mystery.

Scotland Yard’s report found problems with his death too, as Gareth Williams’ body was stuffed into a large bag and left inside his bathtub, hands bound, and none of his DNA on the tub or bag. If Mr. Williams was poisoned, that evidence was lost in the decomposition process because of the heater being turned up. The delay and loss of forensic evidence has caused his family and friends more stress and grief, according to the Coroner.

The Clinton Connection

Mr. Williams’ line of work probably had something to do with his death, per Sir John Savers, MI6 boss to Gareth.

Mr. Williams was an expert in math and cryptographer. While employed with MI6 his job was to follow cash from Russia to European accounts. He also worked for the American National Security Agency in Washington and London.

It was while working there that Mr. Williams hacked into former-President Bill Clinton’s computer server without authorization. Gareth was to assist with a Clinton guest list and nothing else. It was while making this guest list that Gareth breached his security clearance level, and MI6 was not happy about it.

Shortly before his death, Gareth left voice mails to family and friends discussing this breach. Further evidence indicates foul play, as forensic equipment left in Gareth’s flat had been removed after his body was taken to be buried, and armed police guards had been stationed at his flat doorway.

Mr. Williams’ family and friends continue to hope for a information on a cause of death.

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