Five Burglars Break into Calif Home… Held at Gunpoint, Then Hit Chinese Social Media

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Yan Zhang and his family were at their California home on Monday when they heard a group of men breaking into the balcony in the back of the residence. Mr. Zhang had his wife and children take shelter, then retrieved his firearm.

Zhang lives in Chino Hills, California. He used his gun to confront the group, two of whom were able to flee. A neighbor called 911 as the homeowner held the burglars at gunpoint until law enforcement arrived. Police used information from neighbors to apprehend the other suspects.

“They were home and then several kids kind of tried to pry the door open, tried to get in. (Zhang) got a gun so he fired a warning shot and was able to apprehend them until the police showed up.” Neighbor Tony Tran to KTLA

The San Bernardino Sheriff’s office issued this statement:

On Monday, May 1, 2017 at 1:05 p.m. the Zhang family was inside of their home when they heard suspects access the balcony of their residence, which was located in their backyard. The suspects then attempted to enter the home through an upstairs door. Yan Zhang retrieved a handgun and confronted
the suspects. Zhang held the suspects at gunpoint while a neighbor called 911, and his wife kept the children safe.

Two of the suspects fled, but were captured nearby when Deputy Smith arrived on scene. Many of the surrounding neighbors assisted by providing information to the responding deputies. All five suspects were taken into custody. Four of the suspects were booked into the West Valley Detention Center, and the juvenile suspect was cite released to his parents.

The suspects were:  Garret Rogers, 19, Ruben Medivil, 19, Roberto Alonso Salmon, 18, Joaquin Leonardo Salmon Garcia, 20, and one 17-year-old male juvenile.

But it wasn’t the incident that made them famous..or infamous as the case may be, Mr. Zhang took photos of them with his cell phone while they were lying face first on the pool patio in his backyard. AND while the police were arresting them. After everything was safe, then he uploaded the photos to a Chinese social media site…where they went viral.

All photos by Yan Zhang via Weix Chinese social media

None of Mr Zhang’s family were injured in the incident. Which is a good reason to have a loaded gun in the house. Of course, uploading cell phone pics to a foreign media is an interesting touch.

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