FISA Abuse Report on Its Way to AG Barr

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The DOJ Inspector General has released his draft FISA abuse report to AG William Barr. (Fox) It will be reviewed for any classified information then it will be sent back to the IG for preparation. But will it result in anything? IG Michael Horowitz and team interviewed 100 people, and generated over 1 million records.

Fox reported,

In his letter Friday, Horowitz indicated that once the Justice Department and the FBI send back a marked document relating to classified material, his team will “proceed with our usual process for preparing final draft public and classified reports, and ensuring that appropriate reviews occur for accuracy and comment purposes.”

The DOJ would not prosecute James Comey over his leaking of classified information to the press via his buddy. Nor would they do anything against him for his reprehensible hatred of Trump, which caused him to violate FBI protocols.

US Attorney Jesse Liu recommended charges against former Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe, and even denied his appeal on those charges. But the Grand Jury has not yet handed down an indictment, so we don’t know what will happen. His attorneys want to know what’s happening…so do we. Recommendations aren’t the same as indictments.

There are those of us who want to hope that the judicial system is not biased, and that someone will go to jail. But the lack of prosecution for Hillary, Huma Abedin and all of the others involved in the major scandals of Barack Obama’s administration hasn’t given us much to hold on to. The government has been great at prosecuting unimportant people who did nothing except support Trump, but have consistently dropped the ball on the big fish that are behind the plots. They have also managed to attempt to hide their egregious actions with the help of the Mainstream media.

So we ask again, will the FISA abuse report do anything? AG Barr has already appointed a special prosecutor named John Durham to look into allegations of misconduct and improper spying on the Trump campaign. We haven’t heard a peep out of them yet.

Lots of folks say that this FISA abuse report will ‘throw the book’ at the players who used a fake document created by GPS Fusion that was paid for by the Democrats to spy on the President. We aren’t holding our breath over here. Excuses are a dime a dozen.

Featured photo: combination screenshot via Fox and official AG Barr photo.


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