Firebombing of Synagogue in Sweden

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On Saturday night (December 9), a gang of masked youth threw Molotov cocktails at a Synagogue in Gothenburg, Sweden as about 30 Jewish young people hid in the basement. Naturally, some people blamed Trump because of the announcement last week about Jerusalem. However, anti-semitism has been on the rise in Europe since the open borders were instituted.

The Jewish young people were having a party at the Gothenburg synagogue when the guards and a leader saw “a fireball come flying from the parking lot” at around 10 p.m., according to Breitbart. About 20 or so masked youth participated in throwing Molotov Cocktails. Due to rain, the building did not catch fire, and only small fires in the courtyard were noted.

“The guards saw it in the security cameras and called police right away. The children were stressed, it was the first time they had ever experienced a terrorist attack near them.” Dvir Maoz, the World Bnei Akiva, Jewish Youth Movement

Three people have been arrested from the incident, though no names have been released. The situation arose as around 200 people marched in the streets of Malmo shouting “Shoot Jews.” Gothenburg is about 169 miles from Malmo.

Swedistan- Rising Anti-semitism

To answer AJC in the above tweet about waking up, we’ll have to answer ‘not likely.’ The entire UN is on a path to permanent destruction because of their political correctness.

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