FFRF Display Taken Down in Texas

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FFRF Display taken down in Texas- Good!

The Freedom From Religion Foundation put up a display in Austin Texas that Governor Greg Abbott said openly mocked Christians. So he had it taken down. Finally someone sees the ever-present mocking of Christians from this atheist group.

Texas State Preservation Board aprroved

Both the Governor and the Lt Governor stated that the display “purposefully mocked the religious beliefs of others.” It had been approved by the State Preservation Board.

“The exhibit places the Bill of Rights in a manger and shows three founding fathers and the Statue of Liberty worshiping one of America’s founding documents as a replacement for Jesus Christ. This juvenile parody violates the Preservation Board’s regulations and should be removed immediately.” Governor Abbott

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick agreed with the removal.

“I believe this mocking exhibit was approved in error and the State Preservation Board is under no obligation to support or allow displays intentionally disrespectful to others.” Lt Gov Dan Patrick

 ffrf display

The FFRF display

The display was of Benjamin Franklin, the Statue of Liberty, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington around a manger containing the Bill of Rights. The sign in front of it read,

“At this season of the Winter Solstice, we honor reason and the Bill of Rights (Adopted December 15, 1791). Keep State & Church Separate. Placed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation on behalf of its state members.”

Ignorant about Christianity

Since the FFRF knows absolutely nothing about Christianity or the significance of the Christ Child, it openly mocked us.

The Governor stated that it “deliberately mocks Christians and Christianity. The Biblical scene of the newly born Jesus Christ lying in a manger in Bethlehem lies at the very heart of the Christian faith. Subjecting an image held sacred by millions of Texans to the Foundation’s tasteless sarcasm does nothing to promote morals and the general welfare.”

Fight Back America!

Until Americans start getting in the face of groups like the FFRF who seek to remove our faith from America, it will only get worse. The fact that Texas leadership FINALLY fought back is encouraging.

The FFRF is  WRONG – it is freedom OF religion, not FROM religion and they need to be socked in the pocketbook like they have done to Christians all over the country. Take down their ridiculous parodies of our faith, and push them to retract their ignorant statements.  If you will start suing them like they have done to us, things will start to reverse.

Stop lying down like rug mats and start fighting back. Keep the pressure on  — and the publicity until people start to figure out that WE are the majority here.  And we are tired of being pushed aside in favor of Muslims and atheists. TAKE AMERICA BACK!


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