Feminist Wants to Open Giant Vagina Museum

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A deranged, British feminist has decided that what the world needs is a museum dedicated solely to the vagina. Florence Schechter, supposedly a YouTube personality, was upset that while there are penis museums out there – there’s one in Iceland – none exist to solely honor “the tunnel of love.”

She’s decided to build her own, and is asking the public to donate to her cause if they can afford it. So, what kind of exhibits would one explore on a family vacation to the banana box museum? Florence explains:

It will explore things like sexuality and gender identity, and controversial subjects like contraception and abortion and masturbation and consent.

Sounds like a lot of fun. The entry fee to enter the vagina museum will be around $40 – or about the price of dinner and a movie. She’d also like to make the museum as interactive as possible. Visitors can press a giant clitoris button, repeatedly and vigorously, which will activate the venue’s doors to open.


Once inside, patrons can try their luck at guessing which vagina belongs to which feminist icon, just by looking at plaster molds of each’s lady bits. There will be an exhibit where visitors can reach into a barrel-shaped contraption that is spring loaded to see if they can grab a treat before they get caught with their hand in the nookie jar.

Will it be good for you?

To make the experience more hands-on and intimate, nude models will be available in the anatomical “petting zoo.” Florence is in the early stages of planning her hoo-hah facility, but she’s already reached out to possible sponsors like Proctor & Gamble and Planned Parenthood.

Time will tell whether Schechter’s dream will attract crowds, as some people have already expressed skepticism. Mainly males in the London area, while fans of the vagina, insist they’ve never paid for it – and never will.

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