Female suicide bombers use children as decoys before detonation

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As fighting intensifies for the Libyan town of Sirte, officials fear that women are being brainwashed, forced, or “cajoled” into blowing themselves up for ISIS. In one incident, a female suicide bomber used children as decoys and then detonated herself on Friday. But ISIS and their assorted affiliates have been using females as suicide bombers because no one suspects them.

Female suicide bombers

The Libya Herald reported,

At least two females who seemed to be civilians surrendering to Bunyan Marsous forces, blew themselves up today after being brought inside BM lines, killing four fighters and injuring more than a dozen others.

One of the women had brought two children with her, reported Reuters, but did not detonate her explosives until the infants had been taken to an ambulance.  The children were reportedly hungry and dehydrated.

The al-Bunyon al-Marsous fighters are the forces attempting to unseat ISIS from the town of Sirte. Under cover of U.S. airstrikes, they are close to victory after 6 months of intense fighting. There is one small patch of ISIS held ground that has proven to be extremely difficult.

They have been using megaphones to warn civilians to flee, but they are also aware that the remaining area is filled with families. Trying to minimize those casualties has been a tough situation.

ISIS doesn’t care what they do or how they do it. According to one young Tunisian girl, she was forced to join ISIS, but managed to escape. Her story was spread far and wide in an effort to make civilians and women understand what is happening.

ISIS has managed to con or force these civilian Libyan women into believing their evil propaganda, as they have done in Europe and Africa. Sometimes Islamic groups tied to ISIS have even used young girls as bombers, as Boko Haram did in Cameroon.

The female clothing worn by the rigid Islamic groups makes it easy to be a suicide bomber by covering their entire bodies – which is why such clothing should not be allowed in the United States.

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