Female Peshmerga Fighters – Kicking ISIS’ Butt Daily

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The YPG, or Peshmerga, has about 1,700 women on the front lines of the fight against ISIS. Some of them are former ISIS’ sex slaves, some are women who have always dreamed of defending their country against enemies. This is about real freedom, about women who go to work every day motivated by something higher than themselves.

Though there are several female military units worldwide from China to Russia that will kick your rear end all over the mat, let’s focus on this one: the Kurdish Women’s Defense Units are some real live badass women.

The female Kurdish YPG units are a militia. They were the perfect answer to Islamic terrorists to believe that men can’t go to “heaven” if they are killed by a woman. And a lot of them have been killed by this group of ladies.

A recent article on the website “Females on the Frontline”  headlined 4 women of the elite unit: Zehra, Sozan, Nishtiman, and Kurdistan.

The word Peshmerga means: Those Who Face Death


Zehra is a commander who has fought with the Peshmerga for about 8 years. She said she always wanted to join the unit some day, and loves the freedom to choose what she wants to do with her life. She said that one of the most important things is to defend her country so that others can have peace and safety.

“We are not meant to sit at home, doing housework. We are on the frontlines, fighting to defeat ISIS.” Zehra

Zach Bazzi, Middle East project manager for Spirit of America, stated that “From what I have observed, these women are patriots fighting to defend their families and their homelands from the threat of ISIS. But there is no doubt that they also want to send an unmistakable message, that, as women, they have a prominent and equal role to play in their society.”

Each individual Peshmerga unit is in charge of how they integrate the women. According to the article, most are accepted and fully integrated into the ranks.

There are no pink pussy hats here. There are no pink vagina outfits or screaming about “women’s rights.” These are women are fighters, patriots who care about their homeland, and their people. And they risk their lives every day to do it.


We recently reported on Joanna Palani, an elite Peshmerga fighter who is currently on the run from death threats. You can read that story here:

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