Female Marine Infantry NCO Being Separated from Marine Corps for Fraternization

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She was one of the first female Marine infantry NCOs: Remedios Cruz, 26, was among the first females to pass the rigorous Marine Infantry course, according to the Marine Corps Times. In 2017, she joined the 1st Battalion, 8th Marines at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Now, she is being kicked out of the Marine Corps because of a relationship she had with a subordinate Marine in her unit…and ultimately married him. The USMC is currently deciding whether or not she will receive a “less than honorable discharge” because of it.

The initial charges were adultery, fraternization, and accessory to larceny. The investigating officer found no probable cause for the adultery or larceny charges. She plead to the fraternization charge.

This are several problems with attempting to integrate women into areas not traditionally available to females in the Military. Cruz was part of history, she proved that she could pass the test, at least the test she was given. But the presence of females, particularly good looking females, in the middle of men will always be a problem.

Rick Ferran, USMC veteran, had this to say:

“The Social experiment gone wrong. Yes, fraternization does occur in our Military, yes higher ranks marry lower ranks all the time in various admin and support units but what some don’t understand is that fraternization cannot be prohibited in the Marine Corps Infantry. It’s a different breed of Marines and will always be. Fraternization will get good men killed.

Was she made an example? I doubt it, they put too much into this social experiment to go wrong. The Female Marine was busted down by pleading guilty for a lesser punishment. We will never know the full extend of this case where even larceny was a charge. I really doubt the Marine Corps wanted this type of news to come out and I am positive the brass did everything to guide the female Marine from making any mistakes that would dishonor the Corps and her unit.

Everyone loses with this social experiment that likely is costing us billions of dollars to integrate women into combat roles. The media attention that this has created around the individual female Marines is enough to cause friction. The Military claims they treat women and men equally but when was the last time you read an article of a male Marine who couldn’t pass Recon qual or a male recruit who who can’t pass Marine Corps Infantry course?

The fact is that the high publicity shows the bias of making sure the social experiment works no matter if  there is room for bigger problems to come. Our Corps Infantry and Infantry in the military in general don’t need to be Coed. Here’s an idea, make an all female Infantry unit first and see how well they do in the battlefield.”

When Cruz joined the battalion in January of 2017, she was promoted to Sergeant.

According to the NYT:

She said she began a relationship with a lower-ranking Marine in her unit and married him shortly before the battalion deployed to Japan in August 2017. Not until she was overseas did senior commanders become aware of the relationship, and opened an investigation.

The investigating officer eventually found that “appropriate administrative or disciplinary” action was warranted, leaving the chain of command to decide whether to issue any punishment.

Mr. Berry, the Marine Corps lawyer, said that fraternization within the ranks is often heard about but rarely punished by court-martial.

Her battalion commander at the time, Lt. Col. Reginald McClam sought to punish Corporal Cruz for creating an “environment which compromised her professional reputation and ultimately the good order and discipline of the unit,” he wrote in his recommendation after the initial investigation.

Both the commanding officer of the Fourth Marine Regiment and the commanding general of the Third Marine division — two senior officers above Colonel McClam while his battalion was deployed to Okinawa — recommended no disciplinary action.

“Regardless of the outcome of this case, Corporal Cruz has been a courageous pioneer for women in the military and she has earned a place in Marine Corps history.” Capt. Jacob R. Johnston, Cruz’ attorney


Featured photo- screenshot of Cpl Cruz from 2016

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