FBI Report: Citizen Intervention Saved Lives in Active Shooter Incidents

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The FBI stated that there were 50 active shooter incidents between 2016-2017.  Of those, citizen intervention saved lives in 8 cases. Of those, 4 citizens were armed. Only 20 of the 50 incidents in two years met the “mass killing” criteria of 4 or more casualties.

“Their selfless actions likely saved many lives.” FBI report (read more at the link)

According to Blue Lives Matter,

In four of the eight incidents, unarmed citizens confronted the shooter.

In the other four incidents, citizens legally carrying firearms stopped the shooter. In two of those incidents the citizens exchanged gunfire with the shooter. In the other two incidents, the armed citizens held the shooter at gunpoint until the police arrived.

The most high profile citizen intervention of a shooting happened Nov. 5, 2017. That’s when Devin Kelley killed 26 people and wounded 20 more when he entered the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas with a rifle and started shooting.

When Kelley exited the church, he was met by a citizen who shot him twice.

Kelley then dropped his rifle and fled the scene in his vehicle. That armed citizen and an owner of a pickup truck pursued Kelley. The chase ended when Kelley’s vehicle struck a road sign and overturned.

Kelley killed himself with a handgun he had in his vehicle before police arrived.

One citizen intervention stopped a man wearing body armor and armed with two rifles before he killed anybody.

On Nov. 14, 2017, Travis Green began shooting at a Dollar General store in Cheektowaga, New York. A citizen hit Green with their car, which caused Green to drop his weapons and flee.

No one was killed and only one person was wounded before Green was caught by police.

We previously reported on the Sutherland Springs shooting and the hero who stopped it. He was an NRA instructor. All of this flies in the face of the liberal narrative that guns don’t save lives and the NRA is a “terrorist group.” We beg to differ on all of their narratives. And apparently, so does the FBI.

For all citizens, training in how to respond to an active shooter is a good idea. None of us live in Mayberry any more. Concealed carriers generally have some training in this area. For the rest of the population, knowledge is power.  There are not often “cry closets” or “safe spaces” in active shooter situations. Being able to think about what to do ahead of time is critical.

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