FBI Identifies Black Identity Extremists as Major Domestic Threat

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An FBI intelligence assessment from the counter-terrorism unit dated August 3rd identified “Black Identity Extremists” as a major domestic threat to law enforcement officers. First reported by Foreign Policy, the 12 page law enforcement sensitive document uses both historical data and current data in its assessment that the ideology of these extremists poses a danger to law enforcement officers nationwide.

“The FBI judges it is very likely BIE perceptions of police brutality against African Americans have become organizing drivers for the BIE movement since 2014, resulting in a spike of BIEs intentionally targeting law enforcement with violence. In all six targeted attacks since 2014, the FBI assesses it is very likely BIE suspects acted in retaliation for perceived past police brutality incidents. Even though five of these attacks occurred following controversial shooting of African Americans by white police officers, BIE targeting of officers was not, in every incident, based on their specific race.” FBI document

The report talks about the targeting of police officers since 2014, including the Dallas and Baton Rouge murders. It does not include reactionary incidents like a shooting during a traffic stop, or domestic disturbance, etc. It is primarily concerned with premeditated attacks on police.

Fox News noted,

“Attacks in which police officers are targeted have been on the rise in recent years. The most high-profile such incident occurred last year in Dallas, when a gunman named Micah Johnson hid in a parking garage and fired on 11 police officers, killing five of them, during a protest against officer-involved shootings. The FBI report noted that Johnson referred to anger over police shootings and toward whites as what drove him to kill the five police officers.”

And, naturally, the BIE folks are screaming “racial profiling.”

“It’s not racial profiling, it’s violence profiling. Identity politics can kill, whether it’s white identity politics, which killed in Charlottesville, or black identity politics, which kills cops. We have to be able to distinguish between free speech and violence. [Many] longtime [black] activist groups were not obsessed with violence.” Scott Walter, president of Capital Research Center to Fox News

Are groups like the New Black Panthers and BLM “motivated” to kill police? We’ve seen and heard chants of “What do you want? Dead cops!” and “A pig is a pig that’s what I said, the only good pig is a pig that’s dead!” or  “Oink! Oink! Bang! Bang!”

Identity politics is dangerous from any perspective, white, black or brown like La Raza. The idea that one person is better than another is as old as time…but it is not a Constitutional value, it is an extremist position. And it absolutely does motivate people to commit acts of violence.




Featured photo: New Black Panthers from SXSW armed march in Austin, Texas March, 2015. Screenshot.

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