FBI Agent Peter Strzok Fired…Finally

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It only took them months. The FBI finally fired anti-Trump-texting agent Peter Strzok. Deputy Director David Bowdich ordered the termination on Friday. But, as usual, the opposition is throwing a fit, claiming that his First Amendment right to free speech was at the core of the firing.

Strzok’s attorney, Aitan Goelman, said the action was directly opposite of what the disciplinary department had decided: a demotion and 60 day suspension.

“The decision to fire Special Agent Strzok is not only a departure from typical Bureau practice, but also contradicts Director (Christopher) Wray’s testimony to Congress and his assurances that the FBI intended to follow its regular process in this and all personnel matters…A lengthy investigation and multiple rounds of Congressional testimony failed to produce a shred of evidence that Special Agent Strzok’s personal views ever affected his work.” Goelman

It appears they’re going to fight his termination based on an argument for Free Speech.

But Peter Strzok is not a typical agent who violated a “rule.” He stood vocally against the President of the United States; he had an affair with another employee and texted to her that he was going to “stop” him; he was in a position to damage the President with an investigation that was false from the beginning. Shuffling him around as discipline was a travesty that continued for several months.

Though the Inspector Generals report revealed Strzok’s “bias” and said that the bias “didn’t affect” his investigations,  we all know that was pure bunk. No one can have such strong opinions about someone and not have it affect everything they do and think.  He was involved in the Hillary probe, and the Russian collusion investigation until removed from it.

The IG report referred 5 FBI agents for possible prosecution. Law Enforcement must be as neutral as possible in their work. Strzok was not neutral in any way, and his objectivity was marred deeply by the affair, and the texts that were revealed.

When he testified before Congress, he was smug, sarcastic,  and refused to answer some of the questions as we previously reported. He still claimed that his bias never affected his investigation or the prosecutorial decisions. Even though he texted that he thought they were a little “too tough” on Hillary during the probe of her emails.


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