Father of Fallen Marine LCpl Joe Jackson Pleads for Return of Stolen Flag

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Shawn Marceau lost his US Marine son in 2011 after and IED explosion in Sangin, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. All the members of LCpl Joe Jackson’s Platoon signed a flag, including Joe himself. Some of the other names on that flag are now also deceased.

“The significance to anybody is really nothing, but to us, it is so personal because it’s their last signatures in their lives. And I think that is what makes it so important to us. It is part of our son and he had it there with him when he was killed.”

The flag was stolen from Marceau’s truck just prior to an annual memorial for his son. Otherwise, the flag had been draped over Joe Jackson’s bed at home.

Shawn told Fox News Insider that he uses the flag to talk to young veterans. “I know this is a last-ditch effort but it means everything to us,” his father said on Tuesday. Marceau added that he used the flag as a “talking point” or “icebreaker” when talking to young veterans.

“They can relate. It helps them open up a little bit.”

Marceau’s Facebook post went up on Friday. As of this writing it has 80,561 shares and climbing.

The post reads the names of those who were killed,

“Killed in Action:
4/24/11 LCPL Joe Jackson (son)
6/12/11 LCPL Sean O’Conner
After the fight
3/14/14 CPL Adam Eastman,” and encourages whoever stole it to return it, no questions asked.  He placed his address on the post as well in hopes that someone will mail the flag back to him:
Washington state Yakima county
Can be mailed to me at
PO box 297
Harrah,WA 98933
C/O Shawn Marceau
Do thieves have a conscience? Will someone return the flag? In this dreadful day and age of disrespect for our fallen, we wonder what the thief did with the flag. The flag was stolen in April, the Facebook post was put up on May 4. He went on Fox News Insider on Tuesday, May 8.

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