Family of Cop-Killer Pens Heartfelt Letter to Family of Fallen Officer

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We live at a time in history where people whose family member has done something wrong are generally excused and the police officers blamed for their demise. It’s refreshing to find a family that has not excused anything, and felt genuine compassion for the family of a fallen officer who died in the line of duty.

At 5:30 p.m. on November 24, South Salt Lake Officer David Romrell and his partner attempted to talk with two suspects in a commercial burglary. As they exited their patrol vehicle, the driver suddenly drove directly at the officers. Both  police fired their weapons, striking the driver. But Officer Romrell was mortally injured in the incident and died during emergency surgery. A K-9 unit was dispatched to find the second suspect.

The driver suspect’s name was Felix Calata, and his own family did not excuse his actions. In an open letter to the widow of the officer, Calata’s ex-brother in law wrote the following, according to Blue Lives Matter:

“My name is Manuel Alejandro Lopez and David Romrell is my brother in arms. I, too am a marine veteran and it hurt me to see a brother fall in such a way… Without meaning to politicize this ordeal, we want to reach out and let you know, we are with you. We know what Felix, did was inexcusable. His mental illness took over and we never got him back…

…Felix’s, kids are here in the room as I write this and they are also, innocent lives that have forever been changed. We want you and your baby to know, our sister and our family will make sure to raise them, knowing that your husband, was the ‘good guy!’ Your husband, died a HERO! Our niece and nephew don’t have to know the horrendous things their father has done but they WILL honor your husband.”

The letter explained that Lopez’s sister had left Calata and returned home to live with her family in Texas months before Calata ran over Officer Romrell.

It turned out that Calata was on the brink of being charged with manslaughter in another accident that resulted in the death of his passenger. He had a criminal record, something that is relatively common with mentally ill people who do not obtain treatment. Mr. Lopez’s letter was sincere and heartfelt.
Featured photo via Blue Lives Matter

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