Family viciously beats 14 yr old pregnant girl in order to cause abortion

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A 14 year old Dallas, Texas girl was the victim of a brutal beating by her relatives, causing her to intentionally miscarry.

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The family that beat the pregnant teen until she aborted. wfaa photo

The girl’s pregnancy was a result of an incestual sexual assault by a family member.

Upon discovering the girl’s pregnancy, allegedly the adults in the home became enraged.  Sharon Jones, 45,  a relative residing in the home attempted to cause the girl to abort by forcing her to take birth control pills.  When that didn’t produce the desired result, the girl was then forced to take “Plan B” pills and cinnamon tablets.  That proved unsuccessful as well.
The Motive
The arrest affidavit stated that Cecila McDonald did not want Child Protective Services involved because the girl was underage and pregnant and she feared she would lose her children. She was heard yelling, “[Expletive], you ain’t about to get my kids taken away from me.”
According to court records, Sharon Jones, a family member of the girl, conspired with other relatives, Cecila McDonald, Lonnell McDonald and Cedric Jones, to devise a plan to brutally assault the girl in order to induce premature labor and terminate the pregnancy.
The Vicious and Callous Attack
The girl’s relatives, intending to induce an abortion, savagely beat the girl.  The assault occurred in the living room of Sharon Jones’ house. The girl told police that Cecila McDonald, 25, pinned her “arms down to the floor as  Lonnell McDonald sat on her stomach and began repeatedly bouncing up and down.”
During the assault, Sharon Jones contacted Cedric Jones Jr. requesting he come to the home.  Upon arriving, Lonnell McDonald, 27, then allegedly told Jones that “he had already been kicking the “s*** out of the “b****.”
The suspects allegedly continued to beat, punch, and kick the girl in the stomach.
The teenager went into premature labor and aborted the baby in the home’s bathroom as a result of the violent beating she had sustained at the hands of her family members.
According to the court affidavit, the girl began “throwing up and having severe cramps.”
“She was uncontrollably pushing and delivered what she believed was a stillborn baby … Cecila McDonald entered the bathroom and placed the dead baby in a white plastic mop bucket and removed it from the room.”
A plan to conceal the horrific crime
At some point after the stillborn birth, the baby was placed in a “short, pill-shaped, black metal charcoal grill and an attempt was made to burn it.”  The affidavit revealed the family members then “plotted to dispose of the body.”
“Sharon Jones contacted Cedric Jones Jr. approximately two days later and offered to pay him $25 if he would take care of the rest of it.  Cedric Jones, along with a witness, returned to the location at which time Cedric Jones Jr. placed the remains in a dark green plastic bag with a red drawstring, placed it in his trunk, and stashed the remains in an unknown location.”
The girl’s family members have all been charged with engaging in organized criminal activity.  Bond was set for each of them at $150,000.
A fifth relative has been charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child.
After the 14 year old came forward to report the crime to the police, she was placed safely in the custody of Child Protective Services. The investigation is continuing.

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