Fake News – WaPo Accuses Trump of Revealing Classified Info to Russians – It Didn’t Happen

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The Washington Post is at it again, twisting the facts so far out of reach that they end up being false. In an article, they accused the President of sharing classified information to the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador during the recent meeting on May 10.  The only problem? The people in the room said “it didn’t happen.” So where’d they get their information and who’s the “source?” And who is leaking twisted information designed to destroy the President? The report was specifically timed to do exactly what it did- spread across the mainstream media.

The article said that Trump released the name of a foreign city where an ISIS plot was hatched, which WaPo claimed would lead to disclosure of intelligence courses and methods. They said the information came from “current and former” intelligence officials. Except that the people in the room said it was a lie.

“I have a brief statement for the record. There is nothing that the president takes more seriously than the security of the American people. The story that came out tonight as reported is false. The president and the foreign minister reviewed a range of common threats to our two countries, including threats to civil aviation.

At no time, at no time, were intelligence sources or methods discussed. And the president did not disclose any military operations that were not already publicly known. Two other senior officials who were present, including the Secretary of the State, remember the meeting the same way and have said so. Their on the record accounts should outweigh anonymous sources. I was in the room. It didn’t happen.” Lt Gen H.R. McMaster, National Security Adviser

Deputy National Security Adviser, Dina Powell, went on record as saying:

“This story is false.” 

Rex Tillerson, also in attendance at the meeting was dealing with his own fake news story from back in March – propagated by the Washington Post – which said that his aides were told to avoid eye contact with him because he was isolating himself.(???) Of course, other mainstream sources picked that one up just like the latest fake news and ran with it. An AP reporter called them on it.

President Trump tweeted his response on Tuesday morning:

Using confidential sources is something necessary in the news business or people would not come forward at all. But this report does not appear to be credible, since the other people in the room say that no classified information was released. Even the Russian Ambassador and Foreign Minister in attendance say that the news report was “fake” because no such information was discussed.

So how should Trump drain this leaky boat?


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