Fake News: Carl Vinson Strike Group ‘Vulnerable’ to NK Missiles

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An article in Bloomberg and a few other media sites claimed that the USS Carl Vinson Strike Group was not equipped to shoot down North Korean missiles. Admiral Harry Harris begged to differ.  Sounds like fake news to us – since the carrier’s strike group is perfectly capable of handling anything the DPRK and its maniac Kim Jong-Un has to throw at them.

Kim had stated on Sunday that he planned to “sink” the USS Carl Vinson. That scenario won’t happen.

Admiral Harris testified to the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday:

“I believe that article and articles like that are both misleading, and they conflate apples and oranges, if you will. We have ballistic missile ships in the Sea of Japan that are capable of defending against ballistic attacks.” Admiral Harris

The Bloomberg article seized on what they thought was a “gap” in the Trump plan, and put out an article that made it seem like the carrier strike group was not capable of defending against North Korean ballistic missiles. The author’s rationale rested on fact that the destroyers accompanying the USS Carl Vinson are not yet equipped with the AEGIS intercept system.

The Aegis system is deployed on Arleigh-Burke Class Destroyers and the Ticonderoga series Cruisers. Five of those destroyers are in the Sea of Japan. It is designed to take out short and medium range ballistic missiles. Those destroyers are not far away from this show of firepower.

“If it flies, it will die”

The Admiral wasn’t in the slightest bit worried, because he stated that North Korea doesn’t have a “ballistic anti-ship missile at its disposal that is capable of threatening the Vinson or the ships in its strike group,” according to Military.com.

“The weapons that North Korea would put against the Carl Vinson strike group are easily defended by the capabilities resident in that strike group. If it flies, it will die, if it’s flying against the [group.] So I’m confident in that strike group’s ability to not only defend itself but to project power if that is the call we receive from the president and the secretary of defense.” Admiral Harry Harris

The article spent an inordinate amount of time  trying to convince the reader that the Strike Group was vulnerable, yet in their own article that said that one of the destroyers – the USS Fitzgerald – with the capability to shoot down a ballistic missile is engaging in exercises in the “waters west of Japan.”

Look at this map…where is “west of Japan,” and how close are those waters to North Korea? Pretty close, actually.

carl vinson strike group

More fake news from the MSM, working hard to stun and deceive the sheep.


Featured photo: Screenshot from You Tube video of a US Test of the AEGIS Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense system (BMD) in 2013

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