Fake Cop with Fake ID Uses Picture of Hollywood Actor

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Valencia, Spain – If you’re going to pretend to be a cop, there are a few things you should not do: 1) run down a street as if you are being chased, 2) shoot your gun at a car, and 3) use a Hollywood actor’s picture as your own.

fake cop

some of the items found on the person posing as a policeman – Valencia Police photo

Fake Cop, Fake ID

J.V.B., 45, is the name given for a Spanish man who was pretending to be a police officer. When first contacted, he was seen running down a street as if he was being chased by someone. When he saw real police following him, he spun around to avoid them.

As soon as they got close, he pulled out a gun from his belt and fired under a nearby car. When they accosted him, police stated that he “fought aggressively.”

The Hollywood Wannabe

As if his movie-style antics weren’t enough, when they managed to get him detained, he yanked out his ID and badge from a leather wallet.

“I’m one of you, man, I’m a Civil Guard!” J.V.B.

Well…maybe not. The ID picture was that of Adrien Brody, an American actor who played in such movies as “The Pianist” and King Kong, among others.  He apparently took his I-wanna-be-a-cop-in-the-movies fantasy way too far.

The man also had handcuffs, a leather holster, and a pair of latex gloves in his possession in addition to the gun, badge, and ID card.

He was reportedly born in Valencia. It is the 3rd largest city in Spain, and one of the busiest port cities on the Mediterranean.

Eventually, the man claimed he found the “police paraphernalia” on the beach. It is highly unlikely he “found” those items on the beach. Steal, yes. Policemen don’t generally leave any of those items lying around.  Losing a badge, maybe a gun, but everything? And the picture of the actor, where’d that come from?

His escapade may cost him seriously for discharging the firearm,  using fake ID, and resisting arrest. He is awaiting charges, and those could be more than just his pretend movie romp through the streets of Valencia.

No word on whether a producer might hire him for his acting ability.




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