Facebook’s Censorship Tsunami

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On October 15, 2020, Facebook engaged in a Censorship Tsunami that flooded the platform. As a writer of articles for the last 7+ years, I watched wave after wave of takedowns of every single article I’ve written. Every. Single. One. From interviews with veterans and podcasters to op-eds and breaking news, all of my hard work was flushed in a matter of hours across Zuckerberg’s “open platform.” Then they took down our page and groups, citing “violation of communist standards.” Oops, I mean “community standards.” Sorry, not sorry.

The following screenshot is just one page of the literally thousands of articles I’ve written, all marked as going against their standards. My friend and boss, Rick Ferran, (Tank) was removed from Fascistbook and Instagram several weeks ago. Another friend for whom I was writing was also deplatformed for no logical reason (Joe Newby, Conservative Firing Line).

The censorship tsunami began yesterday afternoon:


The notifications came so fast that I only could “disagree” with the first 3 or 4. It’s still going on this morning, October 16. At least I made them work for it. I’ve written thousands of articles.

and counting…

From a friend and follower (this was a group, not a page- our page had over 200,000 followers. It’s gone too). We had 5 groups.

censorship tsunami

The effects of a censorship tsnumai – hate that leads to disaster

Since the Hunter Biden/Joe Biden scandal went live on Wednesday, Social Media (i.e. “Big Tech”) from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube has gone on a tear to remove anything with which they don’t agree… and obviously beyond to as many Conservatives they can destroy.  They’ve locked accounts, censored links, and ripped people off their platforms. Who benefits from that? The left, of course.  Who is harmed by that? Everyone else. It is a blatant attempt to sway the elections. When Big Tech, elites or anarchists are allowed to choose our Presidents, our nation is destroyed.

Problem is, they’ll pay for it in the end. The communist takeover of America is nearly complete. Those who think they’ve made friends with these people will find out that they will lose everything. Communism/Socialism has only one consequence: destruction of freedom. We have written article after article about what happens to nations that go the direction of Communism/Socialism. We have written volumes on the results to the ordinary people: total poverty, total government control, loss of freedom. America’s “poverty” is NOTHING like the poverty of socialist/communist nations. Only the elites in a Communist nation have private property. We’ve tried to warn you. How many of you were paying attention?

Two patriots have been murdered simply for having a different viewpoint than the left. The press, Democrats, and all the anarchist/Communist groups like BLM and Antifa have vilified Conservative groups, calling them racist and white supremacists. You can’t reason with them, or even the leftist members of Congress. They are in the grip of hate so deep that they will never give up the power that hate brings.

How do we stop it? At the ballot box… for now. How do we overcome the voter fraud and attacks on Conservatives? With prayer.

Jesus once said, “And the time will come when people will kill you and think they are doing God a favor.” John 16:2

We stand on the precipice of those words.


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  • Paul Andrew Forget

    The idea that “capitalism” has failed us and that “socialism” is the answer relies on a FUBAR oversimplification of reality.

    Perhaps, but what if there is no longer a significant, decisive center in American politics? What if polarization has split the country into two nearly equal camps, one right and one left, with no center to bridge the differences?

    The fact that there are few moderates in either party is the cause of Washington gridlock. Broad consensus on almost anything is impossible and even compromise is elusive.

    Moreover, the powerful movement against Trump shows no interest in picking an earnest, sober nominee. Its whack jobs like Ocasio-Cortez who, went past full retard, straight to potato – are fawned over by mainstream media and social media to rally socialist voters into all-or-nothing battles.

    If that approach prevails, as seems likely, and the Democrats embraces the radical, socialist-leaning ideas being proposed, the Dems will be committing political suicide and giving Trump a second term.

    On the other hand, it’s also possible that 2020 voters suffering from Trump Derangement syndrome, reward the far leftist morons with their biggest triumph ever. That would give them the power to take America to a radical new place, the likes of which, We the People on the right, have never seen.

    That’s even scarier than electing Hillary!

    I believe in both your patriotic brand and message.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for fighting the good fight ✊🇺🇲🗽 it’s 17:76 o’clock 💥💥

    Y’all got any “Jane Fonda Can Suck My ****” t-shirts, for $ALE? 🤣😂😜

    Semper Fi! 🦅🌎⚓

    God Bless Tank and Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

    A loyal customer for life,

    Paul Andrew
    Sunday, October 18th

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