Facebook Re-Publishes Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children 98K Page

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Somebody at Facebook actually answered an appeal and took an honest look at Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. On December 18 at around 0856, they re-published our 98K page, Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. We are grateful for the return of the page, and hope that one day soon they will re-publish our larger page.

Facebook took our 98K page down on December 10 for what they were calling “hate speech.” Then they banned Rick Ferran for hate speech that wasn’t hate speech and they even apologized for taking down his post. Of course they left him banned even though they apologized. It has been a roller coaster ride around here since the initial take down of our Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children 2.2 Million page with the other Conservative pages on October 11. That October takedown produced a 30 day ban for all admins.

Censorship itself comes from the thought that opposing views should not be heard or even allowed. In Communist countries, there are “state media” that follow only what the government tells them. If they do not, they are severely punished or removed entirely. That’s what was happening at Facebook – liberal media censorship that mirrored that of communist dictatorships. And the punishment was…and still is, banishment from the Facebook kingdom.

The initial takedown occurred prior to the Midterm elections- it was blatant election meddling, an attempt to silence Conservative voices. And it worked well – most of the other pages fled the platform. We did not. We will NOT be silenced.

In the case of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, it seemed we had no voice. We sent numerous requests to many media. We wrote article after article, but no public outcry. Facebook even removed the “share button” so that we could not share our articles or posts.

We used our newsletter to stay in communication as much as possible, as well as our groups. You can sign up for the newsletter at this link.

Rick Ferran, our CEO, was literally cyberstalked. Every time he posted anything, he was banned. Did you know that cyberstalking is actually a crime in most states? Cyberstalking can lead to ptsd, which is not a help for any veteran. Rick posted on December 18 that he was out of Facebook jail, but he didn’t know for how long. He felt hunted. Watching Rick like a hawk, just waiting to pounce, was egregious behavior. If it was their AI, it needs to be re-programmed.

We’re back for now. We don’t know what will happen in the future, but for now our most recent page is up again and will start growing.


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  • Alan

    We love the videos , But F.B has been systemically deleting them. How can we get clean files we can repost on U- Tube?

    • Faye Higbee

      I wish we knew, Alan.We are again unpublished on FB and have no idea how to fight it this time. They’ve not only deleted our videos, but have removed other people’s posts from their own timeline. argh

  • Barbara Richardson

    Facebook leave Uncle Sams Misguided Children alone. They speak the truth. Everyone knows you support the socialist party. This is American my family has served this great nation. How many patriots do you have working? Time to man up

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