Facebook, Instagram Rip Down Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children Instagram and Personal Accounts

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Facebook, Instagram (owned by Facebook) and even Twitter have been on a rampage since July to tear down accounts and use the excuse we’ve heard before “Russian disinformation.” But they’ve also been destroying accounts for standing with Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man accused of murder in Kenosha. Why? They say it “glorifies” violence” to say Rittenhouse acted in self-defense.

The Facebook/Instagram narrative against Kyle Rittenhouse

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram have censored anything to do with Kyle Rittenhouse. They have labelled the Kenosha shooting as a “mass murder.” Which is wholly inaccurate- the definition of a mass murder must include a minimum of 4 victims. Kyle only shot three. Never mind the facts- social media is on a crusde to tear down any reference to the incident.

We got hit with these:



So now they’ve labelled Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children as an organization that is either organizing violence, celebrating violent acts, shows that we have weapons or suggests we use them, or have followers with patterns of violent behavior… because Tank posted in favor of the young man doing what he did in self-defense. Since when are Facebook and its liberal allies allowed to be judge and jury?

We work hard to remove either the comment or the person who incites violence.  We’ve never had a “violent mission.” These are liberal excuses to censor people they don’t like.

Repercussions of the censorship

Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children’s 890,000+,  nearly 900,000 Instagram account and Rick Ferran’s personal Facebook account have been taken down. It’s something that happens every election year because Facebook becomes tyrannical in its pursuit of their own private crusade. This time is different – they’ve totally destroyed Rick’s Facebook account.

He was banned for 30 days before this happened for sharing a meme that has been passed around all over the internet, and has been shared by other Conservatives and pages. Those accounts are still up – it appears that they targeted Rick specifically.

For literally months we’ve been restricted so tightly that our reach went from millions to less than 30,000. Funny how when Rick was  dumped, and the new Facebook went into effect, our reach climbed back up to over a million. Funny how that happens.

On Friday last week, I was having a conversation with Rick Ferran when suddenly, his entire chat stream was removed.


That has happened to other friends as well. People that I know well – and in the cases of my other friends, they never came back to FB. They were not taken down because of “verification.” They were taken down because of what they posted – most of them for posting Conservative items. None of them ever posted anything to do with glorifying violence or anything of the kind. They simply disagreed with the liberal-anarchist Facebook/Instagram position. They were ripped off of the platform because of their opinion as Rick has been.

Rick has sent “verification” to Facebook over this and as is common, has not heard anything back.

Is it “praising” a shooting to say that we stand with Kyle Rittenhouse? No.

Update: Kyle’s Attorneys hit as well 

Twitter even censored Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorneys Lin Wood of Linwood Law and John Pierce of Pierce Bainbridge Law Firm. Although Twitter later claimed their action was a “mistake.” Both the attorneys censored are considered top of the heap attorneys who take high risk cases such as Nick Sandmann. Those who post support for Kyle Rittenhouse have been censored.

Attorney Lin Wood posted on Parler:

“I was censored today on Twitter. I focused there to take on the enemy on its battlefield. The enemy has now refused to engage me. I will now send my messages only from my Parler account. Home court advantage always helps increase the chances of winning.” L Lin Wood, Attorney

Lin Wood’s Twitter account is back up now at this link. He tweeted:

Does anyone think it would be justice if one day Nicholas Sandmann @N1ckSandmann  owned @Twitter & Kyle Rittenhouse owned @Facebook  or is it just me? I love justice. #FightBack.

John Pierce, the other attorney’s Twitter account is here. He also wrote this:

Make no mistake, America, nothing less than your God-given right to defend yourself, your family and your country is on trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Watch closely, and hold your government accountable. #FightBack #KyleRittenhouseIsAHero

 Snakes in the grass: Was Shaun King responsible?

But that is only the tip of the iceberg – there are those who may be reporting back to Shaun King for everything we do. Did he have enough connections with Facebook to get these accounts taken down?

After Rick hit Shaun King for being able to incite violence with impunity, there may be spies to reckon with for this censorship.

According to a Twitter commenter (with likely a fake account @Missy_Fit86), Instagram account “change2020forlife” there are 2K accounts on our Instagram page that “report back to Shaun King.”

What kind of connections does an anarchist like Shaun King have with Facebook and Instagram? Here’s the rub for these big tech companies: if the agenda of the socialists/commnists comes to pass, they can kiss their billions goodbye and prepare to be taken over by the government. That’s how it works, you know, when socialists/communists take over, all private property and all bank accounts become property of the government and the owners are left out totally. Ask ANYONE who has been through a Communist takeover – they go from wealth to poverty in one day.

The call to action: we need EVERYONE who belongs to this tribe, to contact every attorney, every Conservative, every well known figure that they have contact with to share this article with them. Email, Twitter, Instagram, we need our tribe to help us fight back. You are Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children and we need you now.

Keep up the fight and don’t just do it once – remind all of the folks you know and have contact with that this company, this tribe is made up of military both active and veteran, law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, civilians of every race, creed, and ethnicity. We are not racist. We are not a “militia.” We are patriots who love our country, and we do our best to tell you the truth through liberal censorship and attacks.

Featured Screenshot: Facebook pulled Rick Ferran totally off the platform.

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  • April Hill

    I am an American and am willing to stand for what I believe in

  • Juan Cabano

    Fascistbook has done this to me on several occasions. Truth is they don’t like the truth. But yet they, fascistbook, condones violence by groups like BLM and antifa. But try to pass it off as “peaceful” protests. Funny how they’re allowed to post these pics and videos to their accounts. And yet they don’t get shut down like we do. Oh yeah I forgot. They’re liberals and we’re conservatives. Never mind.

  • Skyler Allenson

    Yeah, f*** Zuckerberg and his liberal f*** buddies for censoring the truth.

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