Facebook – Hypocrisy, Censorship. We Will Not Go Away!

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In an opinion article on Fox News, Donald Trump Jr called out the Big Tech companies for their hypocrisy and censorship. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Google, the censorship has grown exponentially – and it shows no signs of stopping. The unfortunate aspect is that they claim to be for “free speech’ when they are most certainly not.

“Sorry, Twitter, but the “free speech” schtick just isn’t credible when you’re simultaneously suspending people for a joke that made a few liberal journalists feel badly. The same goes for Facebook, Google and every other Big Tech corporation trying to convince the American people that they support free expression even as they systematically stifle the viewpoints held by half the country.

Despite having the political cover from their liberal soulmates who now control the U.S. House, Big Tech companies can’t disguise their gross hypocrisy.” Donald Trump Jr

Big Tech’s Free Speech lie

Facebook doesn’t believe in Freedom of Speech. I am the voice of millions of Americans who are presently being silenced on social media for expressing their views. I am a
Legal Latino immigrant, a Communism survivor. In all the years I have lived in the USA, I never thought that I would ever have to fight for my freedom of speech.

The left has no problem sharing their hateful message to Trump or Trump supporters, going so far as calling for the death of our president. But if someone like myself shows the bias and hypocrisy of the left, I am banned for 30 days for it. Why?

I asked the question “What if this was Obama? Democrats in El Paso, taking turns beating a Trump Pinata” on a video showing Democrats taking turns beating a Trump Pinata at a BETO rally in El Paso Texas. For this comment, for asking the question, I am banned for 30 days in Facebook. Again.

No appeal, straight up banned.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter remind me every day what it felt like to live in a communist country, where you could lose your life for expressing your opinion. The Liberals don’t just embrace anti-Semitism, they embrace socialism & proudly fly the communist flag. They want proud Americans like myself whose voice speaks for millions of Patriots to go away. They fear that our message of reason, common sense in a non-politically correct way isn’t ‘misguided’ after all.  

Censorship reflects society’s lack of confidence in itself. It is one of the hallmarks of an authoritarian regime.

I have a message for those who support the censorship of Social media giants: I will not go away, I will not be silenced, I will keep sharing my views. It’s my human right to share my opinion with the world and for those who are offended, go ahead and be offended. I am offended everyday  by the lack of spine from the RINOs and the communist supporters. I am offended that I served this country honorably, willing to give my life for the oath I took to preserve our constitutional rights, while today I am silenced and censored. 

A free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.

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  • Larry

    I understand brother ust today caught back to back 30 day bans for things I’ve already been banned for 1 from 9 months ago the other from 2 yrs ago. this blatant censorship of conservatives needs to stop……I seriously think a class action lawsuit against them is what it will take to make them back off and leave folks like us alone

    • Rick Bollenbacher

      I had to delete my old account and start a new one. Got banned at least 5 times for cracking jokes.

  • Randy Wildman

    I couldn’t agree more Rick, I am from Canada which is fastley becoming if not already there a communist country. It’s sad that you and I are from another country and are more patriotic than half of the people born here. This is by far no offense to the Deplorables, I too proudly call myself a Deplorable and stand by the other half of this country.

  • TrumpBook Admin

    I’m here to tell you Mr. Ferran, that you and your entire team are welcome on TrumpBook, where Freedom of Speech rules. We do not spy, track, or share your data. Your personal information and content is yours – not ours. TrumpBook is a pro-Trump social network and we welcome you and all of the Jarheads and veterans who have given up so much for America. TrumpBook is THE Social Network For Free People. No Censorship so long as it isn’t pornographic. | No Shadow Bans. | No Bullshit.

  • Carey Holley

    It is time to start our own social media. Funding and creation could use your base as a start. It is time to hurt Facebook stocks

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