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Facebook and Google have mounted a campaign to censor “fake news.” They are using sites such as snopes, and Politifact to determine whether an article is “fake news.” Both websites are extremely left-leaning. There are some things we can do to mitigate this issue.

Fake News

Facebook is allowing users to easily report such “fake news.” Which means that any liberal can quickly report something we’ve written. By clicking on the upper right hand corner of the posts, users report a “suspicious” story. Then Facebook takes over.


Outside fact-checkers (the liberal ones) will look at the reported article. If they decide it is fake news, then Facebook flags the story as “disputed by third-party fact checkers.” That flag is then attached to the story in the news feed.

You can still share disputed stories, but the flag will appear.

It’s sort of like the snake watching the hen house.

The reach of several Conservative pages has plummeted since this fake news campaign began. But there is something you can do to help:

So what we do to get around the censorship?

They may not remove Conservative pages (although they have in the past), but they will censor them out of your news feed. There are several things you can do to make sure you always get your favorite pages:
For Uncle Sam’s main page, use this link.

Here is our shop link– you can fill out the spot at the bottom for email notifications.

See First

On every page there is a tab for notifications under the “following” section. Be sure that you have marked “see first” and that the notifications are on.

Shortcut tab

On the left side of your news feed home page is a “shortcut” tab. Click “edit” and add the page to that list. You can pin your favorite to the top. You can add groups to the shortcut as well.

You can also bookmark your favorite page in your internet browser. If you use these methods you’ll not just be helping yourself find what you want, but you’ll be helping Uncle Sam’s as well.


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