Facebook Bans Private Gun sales

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Facebook Bans Private Gun sales

Facebook has “banned private gun” sales on their social media. That includes Facebook, and Instagram. Moms Demand Action  is involved in this action, so you can count on some of the information being skewed.

facebook bans private gun sales

Facebook moved to ban private gun sales – photo via BBC

‘Person to person sales’

The New York Times wrote,

The ban applies to private, person-to-person sales of guns. Licensed gun dealers and gun clubs can still maintain Facebook pages and post on Instagram.

Although Facebook was not directly involved in gun sales, it has served as a forum for gun sales to be negotiated, without people having to undergo background checks. The social network, with 1.6 billion monthly visitors, had become one of the world’s largest marketplaces for guns and was increasingly evolving into an e-commerce site where it could facilitate transactions of goods…

Facebook said it would rely on its vast network of users to report any violations of the new rules, and would remove any post that violated the policy. Beyond that, the company said it could ban users or severely limit the ways they post on Facebook, depending on the type and severity of past violations. If the company believed someone’s life was in danger, Facebook would work with law enforcement on the situation.

Facebook will also rely on user reports of private gun sales that occur between members via Facebook Messenger, the company’s private messaging service. Facebook does not scan the content of those messages.

Criminals will get their guns, no matter what Facebook does

Question- if they don’t monitor messenger, how would they know if someone’s life was in danger? And relying on faulty user reports … they do that all the time. It’s a pathetic system of snitches, about 90% of which don’t know what they’re talking about when they report something.

Bearing Arms noted that Thug Trayvon Martin was using plain old text messages to sell guns, not Facebook, by the way.

Facebook has been listening to the likes of Shannon Watts, leader of Moms Demand Action before now. In 2014 they moved to limit access to the sale of firearms based on pressure from anti-gun groups. Now they’ve “banned” person to person sales.

There are gun groups on Facebook that were created to sell firearms. And though the NYT and Ms. Watts claim that the bad guys have “unfettered access” to guns, that “unfettered access” comes more from the black market, smuggling, and theft, not Facebook. The gun group used by the NYT as an example is a bunch of law abiding Connecticut gun owners, not a gang of thugs.

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